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physics as applied to biological problems

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A biophysically based dermatopharmacokinetic compartment model for quantifying percutaneous penetration and absorption of topically applied agents.
For example, the empirical fit of the largest set of patient data ever published in the field, supported by the only biophysically derived theory explaining barrier function for blood-derived proteins as well as the dynamics of brain-derived proteins, is described as "mathematical manipulation to try to make sense".
The delivery of COX-2 inhibitors is based on the company's proprietary transdermal delivery platform which forms an environment in the vehicle that is biophysically hostile to the COX-2 inhibitor.
Biophysically, he was armored throughout but especially in his chest, which was held high in an inspiratory attitude.
An experiment-based, chemical-physical explanation for body heat via the work of Lavoisier in the 1770s and 80s presaged the statement by Emil Dubois-Reymond, a biophysically oriented, late 19th century medical physiologist of the Berlin Physical Society, that "no other forces than the common physical-chemical ones are active within the organism.
Both in retrospect (reviewing the historical formation) and looking forward to the present transformation of the world society, it seems promising to make evident a new, biophysically re-thought constellation of inequality in the space and time of the development process in its worldwide context.
The 167 million acres of cropland biophysically suitable for planting to hybrid poplars is a majority of the U.