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Specifically, Liu, a postdoctoral scholar in the laboratories of cell biologist Ken Jacobson and biophysical chemist Nancy Thompson, along with dengue fever expert Aravinda de Silva, used high-resolution microscopes to examine the expression of a particular protein, known as DC-SIGN (for dendritic cell-specific intercellular adhesion molecule-grabbing nonintegrin), on the surface of immune system cells called dendritic cells.
In biophysical medicine, the toxins are eliminated where they are.
The prospective, multicenter observational study evaluated umbilical artery, ductus venosus and umbilical vein Doppler flows, and biophysical parameters as predictors of stillbirth, acidemia (cord artery pH less than 7.
We have lost a city to biophysical forces we knew of, anticipated--and denied.
Determine the manner in which the processes of assembly and consolidation are guided by the expression of genomic information, the biophysical interactions of the synthesized molecules, and the emerging mechanical properties.
Although it is necessary to recognize and acknowledge the complexities inherent in cultural life and the natural world, it is equally important that a dizzying array of variables not blind us to certain scientific facts of biophysical reality.
The approach described here reduces the possibility of such outcomes and only assumes that the virus has the expected biophysical properties of size and mass and an internalized genome.
In the mouse, SDF-1 appears to be required for the execution of the last step when the cells colonize the genital ridge which expresses the chemokine," says Erez Raz of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gottingen, Germany, who led the Cell study.
Nova Technology Corporation has introduced a portable, non-invasive instrument that measures the hydration and biophysical characteristics of the skin.
Many disabilities have clear biophysical manifestations and concrete origins in birth impairments, accidents, or illnesses.
PHILADELPHIA -- Optofluidics announces the pre-release of its Molecular NanoTweezer system - the most powerful optical trapping technology in the world - at SPIE Photonics West, BiOS and Biophysical Society annual meetings in Feb.
CONSTRAINTS questions whether crop domestication has shifted ecophysiological and biophysical traits related to resource acquisition, use and partitioning, and how trade-offs between them have constrained domestication and can limit future improvements in both optimal and sub-optimal conditions.
Scott is a nationally recognized thought leader in the biosensor field and particularly in the biophysical characterization of molecular interactions," commented Rick Whitcomb, President and CEO of BiOptix.
which provides full biophysical characterisation of viral vaccines and
Springer said the studies involve research at the interface of food chemistry, biology and engineering and cover such topics as biopolymers, food processing operations, mechanisms of antimicrobial action, novel biophysical techniques, sensory properties and molecular mechanisms of taste and smell.