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of or relating to the science of ecology

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investors in Bionomics joining the OTCQX marketplace -- a logical move that will provide new opportunities for the company," said Dr.
Due to the rarity of this butterfly in Ohio, nothing about the species' bionomics in Ohio has ever been recorded.
Section 5 analyzes the major players in the field of advanced biofuels such as Abengoa Bioenergy, Air Liquide, AlgaeLink, Amyris Biotech, Algaewheel, Archer Daniels, Aquaflow Bionomic, BASF SE, Blue Marble Energy, and many more.
The objectives of the present study are to report the family Sisyridae for the first time in Rio de Janeiro state and to provide bionomic information on the immature stages of S.
His research interests include systematic, bionomic, and vectorial capacities of mosquitoes and sand flies for estimating exposure and infectious risks.
Effect of host plant species on bionomic and life history parameters of Anagyrus pseudococci Girault (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), a parasitoid of the mango mealybug Rastrococcus iceryoides Green (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae).
Field observations, bionomic data, and comments on those species deemed to have potential as biological control agents are included below.
At the demonstration site, UOP will design cost-effective and efficient equipment to capture CO2 from the exhaust stacks of the Hopewell caprolactam facility and deliver it in a controlled and efficient process to a pond near the plant, where algae will be grown using automated control systems from Honeywell Process Solutions and technology developed by Aquaflow Bionomic Corp.
has implemented Bionomic workshops through their own 1,200 trainers nationwide network.
These bionomic programs have been used in diverse industries such as aerospace, municipalities, banks, hospitals, warehouse/trucking firms as well as many small businesses to increase workplace safety and substantially reduce repetitive stress injuries and Workers Compensation costs.
This realization prompted the development of our bionomic training protocols.
Bionomics Limited (Australia) has strengthened its presence in the United States market.