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of or relating to the science of ecology

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The life-history and bionomics of Chrysomyia megacephala (Fab.
Bionomics and morphological and molecular characterization of Elasmus schmitti and Baryscapus elasmi (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea, Eulophidae), parasitoids associated with a paper wasp, Polistes dominulus (Vespoidea, Vespidae).
Feeding impact and bionomics of grasshopper Cornops aquaticum on the water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes in the Central Amazonian floodplains.
Maintained by ISD, the Living Hazards Database (LHD), publicly accessible at the AFPMB's website, contains concise descriptive and bionomic information on most of the animals that have been reported to cause serious injury or death in humans.
Other nominees include the chairman of mining business Anglo American, Mark Moody-Stuart, Robert Roth, the founder and president of Swiss social-enterprise Job Factory and Vicki Buck, the co-founder of New Zealand bio-fuel company, Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation.
Bionomic studies of the Anopheles mosquitoes from Dajabon, Dominican Republic.
15/12/2006, Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation--the world's first wild algae bio-diesel produced in New Zealand by Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation, was successfully test driven in Wellington 15/12/06 by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Issues, David Parker.
Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation, a biofuel technology company based in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, recently announced that it has produced a sample of biodiesel fuel from algae extracted from a regional sewage pond.
A modified Pollard transect was used as a baseline to visually record bionomic data at the site (Pollard and Yates 1993).
Interactions between cultured Fundulus grandis (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae) and the brackishwater environment: bionomic and economic consideration.
Hence, due to economic importance and concerns about their conservation, a detailed bionomic study was conducted for developing management measures for both aquaculture and wild fisheries.
Jan Schuite of Schuite and Schuite Druckfarben GmbH discussed his company's Bionomic 2.