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having particular physiological functions augmented or replaced by electronic or electromechanical components

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However, this paper compares the performance of one of the bionically modified plates with lowest draft and better scouring properties with a conventional plates made from steel 45.
Happily, I have no need of a seeing dog as I can now see, if not quite bionically, a heck of a lot better than before.
Francona describes the change from power pitcher to finesse pitcher as an evolution, and was asked if perhaps Schilling's different style is a direct result of the ankle injury he suffered - then almost bionically recovered from - during the 2004 postseason.
99) tells of a woman who borrows a rich stranger's identity--only to find the woman is supposed to be bionically enhanced with abilities and weapons she can't possess.
Michelle, who played Zoe Slater before quitting Albert Square in 2005, will star as Jamie Sommers, a tennis ace bionically rebuilt after a sky-diving accident.
Among the future exciting biomechatronic possibilities are bionically inspired robotics, mentally controlled electronic muscle stimulators for stroke and accident survivors, cameras that can be wired into the brain allowing blind people to see, and microphones that can be wired into the brain enabling deaf people to hear.