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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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The first section of "Biometrics in a Data Driven World" discusses the fundamentals of biometrics and provides an overview of common biometric modalities, namely face, fingerprints, iris, and voice.
Jeremy Slavish, acting director of the Biometrics and Identification Division of the Michigan State Police said: Industrial/academic collaborations such as this relationship with NEC will foster advances in biometrics that will help law enforcement and forensic agencies worldwide.
This latter approach is used by entities that wish to monitor which users are accessing a certain scanner, and is particularly popular among corporations that employ biometrics to keep tabs on who accesses a server room or other restricted areas.
AcSys Biometrics is the leading provider of face recognition technology based on the worldwide-patented Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT).
Biometrics also will play an increasing role in electronic commerce by adding security measures beyond encryption and digital signatures.
Many groups are developing biometrics to replace or supplement PINs, passwords, and access cards.
Compared to the traditional identification and verification methods (such as, some paper, plastic ID card, or password), biometrics is more convenient for users, reduces fraud, and is more secure.
ImageWare's Executive Vice President, Bill Willis, will also be presenting a case study on the CIC biometrics field trial project during the U.
That earlier study showed that nearly 70 percent of consumers favored biometrics as the preferred method to combat fraud and identity theft, pointing to the convenience and speed in the identity verification process as a strong benefit.
The advances made in Internet Protocol (IP) networking have ushered a new era in access control systems using biometrics and video surveillance technologies.
Joining the European Biometrics Forum is testament to the momentum we've built and our goal of continuing to grow our position and influence in Europe," said Gerhart Ernst, managing director of Cross Match Technologies GmbH, the European headquarters of Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
The Frost & Sullivan research service titled Asia Pacific Biometrics Market - Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities provides financial benchmarking analysis of the biometrics industry including ratio analysis, year-to-date performance of Frost & Sullivan Biometrics stocks, and valuation multiples for biometric companies.
com/reports/c48636) has announced the addition of the new Frost & Sullivan Report "Asia Pacific Biometrics Markets - Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities" to their offering.
com announces that a new market research report related to the world wide Biometrics market is now available to its catalogue.