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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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The biometrical data enables the creation of a profile of an identified person and to link other data to this profile.
22] Singh RK and BD Chaudhary Biometrical Methods in Quantitative Genetic Analysis.
The systems that we develop continue to analyze the generated information (the signals) and determine the dynamic-biometrical characteristics, based on the biometrical dimension of the information.
The regulation of the census list is relatively smoothly carried out, and the operation for replacement of IDs with the biometrical is in course.
Among their topics are self-organizing maps, network management focused on a client computer, a hardware approach to cryptography performance, fast face detector and recognition for biometrical security systems, the word-oriented stream cipher Morpheus, and preserving data authenticity in wireless sensor networks.
By commenting the increase of the Budget with the intensive charge of fees, professor Ana Pavlovska-Danova estimates in Utrinski vesnik that it is unfortunate that with the large corruption, bad auditor reports, millions spent of national money, collecting lump-sums of same individuals, irregularly carried out tender etc, the government decided to fill up the budget with the enormous fees from unprincipled pedestrians, drivers, street smokers, owners of house with no facade, citizens with no biometrical identification cards etc.
Distinguishing between autochthonous domestication processes and the diffusion of domestic animals into a region from an outside source assumes that these processes are each characterised by distinctive trends observable in the biometrical and demographic data produced by each process.
Biometrical Consulting Service, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, B-005, Agricultural Research Center-West, Beltsville, MD 20705
possession-based method, knowledge-based method and biometrical method.
All biometrical measurements of the reconstructed images of the bones were automatically calculated by this program to analyze statistically.
The current and future use of biometrical data, such as fingerprinting and facial scanning will further facilitate the IEC to flush out any multiple entrants in the system.
A new biometrical procedure for testing the equality of measurements from two different analytical methods: applications of linear regression procedures for method comparison studies in clinical chemistry.
1997) found that formalin causes significant shrinkage of all biometrical characters of Acartia clausi with the length loss being larger for the abdomen than for the cephalothorax or for total length.
He is to undergo a full biometrical analysis this month to ensure that his prosthetics do not give him an unfair advantage.