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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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iSign is a versatile and powerful software developer's kit for implementing applications using electronic ink, electronic signatures, biometric signatures and basic cryptography.
The deal, which also includes both companies jointly promoting each other's product offerings, will allow Softex to use CIC's Biometric signature solution in its OmniPass identity and access management suite of products designed for enterprises and consumers.
Currently, Biometric Signature IDs biometric identification software BioSIg-ID is being used by nearly around 50,000 students at Central Texas College (CTC) in Killeen, Texas, claims the company.
8220;BSI extends Valtech's digital practice reach to boost rich customer experiences with 'high touch' Identity Proofing solutions preserving online identification, authentication and authorizations in a mobile world,” said Bill Morgan, COO of Biometric Signature ID.
Since our software captures the speed, length, height, angles and direction of how you write letters, numbers or shapes it is language and age agnostic and proven to be highly scalable,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO, Biometric Signature ID.
The resulting scan generates a biometric signature of the patient's vein pattern, which is 100 times more unique than a fingerprint.
patent is based, creates a cognitive biometric signature which takes into account physiological factors such as left/right handedness, press-size, hand tremor and eye-hand coordination, as well as behavioral traits, such as usage preferences and device interaction patterns.
Cyber Command testifying before Congress recently about the current state of information security (Infosec) being at constant threat with no new ideas or solutions coming forward; "it's time for a new, proven standard that incorporates gesture biometrics to be rolled out as the next level in Cybersecurity," stated Jeff Maynard, CEO, Biometric Signature ID.
Medibase's BASEmetric[TM] solution using Hitachi's Finger vein authentication technology links the biometric signature with patient demographic data to quickly and accurately identify new or returning patients.
We're pleased that the proof-of-performance validation we received from the Tolly Group was so remarkable," said Jeff Maynard, president and CEO of Biometric Signature ID.
The SNP chip uses fluorescent signals from a matrix of SNPs to produce, for a given subject, a unique biometric signature that provides - by orders of magnitude - more information, with greater accuracy, than short tandem repeat (STR) analysis, still the predominant technique used today, even though it was invented 10 years before the advent of modern sequencing technology.