biometric authentication

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Daon is a leading provider of biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions focused on meeting the needs of enterprise and public sector customers worldwide.
Biometric authentication technology-the use of personal physical characteristics or behavior to verify a user's identity claim has been used successfully in high security contexts as part of physical access control systems for many years.
The global biometric authentication and identification systems market is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 17% from 2015 to 2020 and generate over $25 billion (approximately) by 2020 as per the estimates of the analysts.
SecureDoc was selected based on the robustness and flexibility of its highly-secure data encryption, including its unique ability to seamlessly integrate with Staatsministerium B-W's existing single sign-on biometric authentication.
In 2014, government projects accounted for about 13% share in global biometric authentication systems market.
The SecureLink System is an end-to-end solution that prevents identity theft and associated fraudulent activities through four-factor biometric authentication technology that's portable, 100% biometrically secure and designed with the protection of individual privacy rights in mind.
Device-agnostic Platform Enables Military Grade Biometric Authentication For Government Agencies and Enterprises, Including Financial and Healthcare Sectors
As companies expand their services, other features can be easily added including biometric authentication and contactless payments.
para]]3-Factor Biometric Authentication Solution Provides Defense Grade Secure Login For Any Operating System Across All Devices[[/para]]
UPEK's Eikon USB fingerprint reader provides enterprises and consumers with the power of biometric authentication at a low cost.
We believe the combination of Cogent's ANSI 378 certified algorithms, with the cost and size advantages of the TouchChip TCS1 sensor, offer government customers a new value point in certified biometric authentication applications for logical and physical access control.
And although TouchID is restricted to unlocking the 5S and making purchases of iTunes and other Apple Store items, the hacking episode has ignited a debate over the feasibility of using biometric authentication for highly secure activities on mobile devices, such as financial transactions, mobile purchases and access to confidential information.
which is driving the adoption of voice biometric authentication for secure and trusted remote communication, in conjunction with Harborlight Technologies, is offering banks and financial services institutions a turn-key, multi-factor solution to insure compliance with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)* Guidance on Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment released in August 2006.