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a major biotic community characterized by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate

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The conservation strategy should consider the Pantanal as a whole biome, connecting all sub-regions and different ecosystems, with protected areas representative of the major sub-region, as well as considering the role of ecological corridors for the dispersion of species and integration of the adjacent biomes.
The brainchild of businessman Tim Smit, Eden is best known for the two bkaub biggest greenhouses in the world, known as biomes.
In the Cerrado biome, in the municipality of So Joo dos Patos, 540 kilometers from So Lus, in eastern Maranho, the researchers identified 127 species, 93 genera and 40 families.
Read aloud the definition of biome on page 6 of "Extreme Hotels.
Take a smart mix of supplements: Too much of some (like choline) can throw your biome out of whack.
In response to this challenge, Biome Bioplastics has developed a portfolio of compostable materials for coffee pods based on renewable, natural resources including plant starches and tree by-products.
I ordered sampling kits from American Gut--a research project at the University of Colorado Boulder and from San Francisco startup company [micro] Biome (pronounced "you-biome").
So maybe it shouldn't have come as a surprise to Renae Biome, RDH, that her career in private practice would eventually give way to public health.
Arctic sea ice should be thought of as a biome or an ecosystem and the effects of melting and warming on microorganisms living under ice in this biome already have received much attention.
Each entry describes geographic, biological, geological, and sociological characteristics for a given biome, and begins with a summary section of standard geographic and biome-type information.
Australian whole living retailer, Biome Eco Stores has seen sales of raw foodstuffs and appliances double in the past 12 months, according to manager Shionagh Goold.
7 September 2012 - British bioplastics and radio frequency technology firm Biome Technologies Plc (LON:BIOM) on Friday unveiled a plan to dispose of its 50% in German joint venture Biotec Holding GmbH to its partner Sphere SA for GBP5.
The acquisition will not change Biome International's brand identities and Hempel USA will continue to carry out Biome International's existing objectives in North America," said Malcolm Kerr, Hempel sales director for North America.
The lack of spatial information drove the analysis to specific regions of each biome, on which information was available.
Cane sugar can be found growing in the crops area of Eden's Rainforest Biome.