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plant materials and animal waste used as fuel

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the total mass of living matter in a given unit area

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Reauthorization of the Public Goods Charge (a fee to electricity retail consumers that funds public programs including biomass research and development and existing biomass power plants), which expired at the end of 2011, would also help.
433 megawatts of biomass plant energy by 2020 is currently Bulgaria's goal.
The term biomass is used for a large variety of products, being considered "a generic term for all forms of energy derived from the biosphere, in a non-fossil form" [Stegger at al, 2005].
Among its most important functions has been to determine where the state's energy policy for renewable resources could be enhanced to promote thinning of overstocked forest lands and the use of slash from harvest operations to fuel biomass energy generation projects.
This is the first time biomass gasification technology will be used to convert a coal-fired boiler at an existing base-load power plant.
To determine the potential that various types of biomass might have in research, the MOE is building upon an April 2006 study that was commissioned by Forest BioProducts Inc.
Perspectives and Forecasts in the Biomass Market" is available for 105,000 yen.
KEY WORDS: biomass combustion, domestically acquired particulate lung disease, hut lung, indoor air pollution, wood smoke.
Emissions remain a concern for many, especially when the biomass stream starts to include demolition debris.
6 billion (US$ 79 million) investment, a new biomass boiler, to be completed in June 2006, will provide for the mill's power requirements.
Most biomass operations enzymatically break down cellulose into sugars in an oxygen-rich environment and then use yeast or bacteria to ferment the sugars under oxygen-poor, or anaerobic, conditions.
The company's product is being offered to North American buyers as Eco-Green coal, a boiler ready pre-mixture of wood biomass adhered to coal.
Co-firing is an environmentally correct, no capital investment method of mixing wood biomass with coal.
Although just buying a credit may sound much less environmentally friendly than building a wind turbine, for example, in Fact the benefits are almost identical: Revenues generated from the credits create the financial incentive fur another utility to build a wind turbine or, in the case of Schiller, to convert a filthy coal boiler into a cleaner biomass boiler.
Japan aims to introduce an ambitious program intended to recycle leftover food, livestock droppings and scrap wood as biomass energy to fuel cars, ships and power plants, starting in 2010, according to a report obtained Thursday.