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(of living organisms) emitting light

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This solo show at the college's Epping Gallery from Chicago-based artist and scientist Hunter Cole features photographs of human figures, including portraits, nudes and installations illuminated by a glowing blue light created by bioluminescent bacteria.
Remember the glow-in-the-dark bioluminescent plants that made the planet of Pandora in 'Avatar' seem so magical?
Of 200 organisms tested in a dark lab by Jerome Mallefet, an international bioluminescent expert and researcher at the National Science Foundation in Belgium, just over half showed some kind of bioluminescent response.
Its creators said they would take genes from fireflies or bioluminescent bacteria and add them to a plant to make it emit a greenish light.
Bioluminescent cells in some glass squid work in a surprisingly inefficient way--leaking a lot of light rather than fully channeling it, a new study suggests.
Scientists have moved one step closer to producing bioluminescent trees that could be used to light our streets.
Also known as bioluminescent algae, it produces a flash of blue-green light whenever the water they are living in is disturbed by motion.
With stunning footage, captured on hi-tech new cameras, David reveals the secrets and we see the magical light produced by the likes of glow worms, plankton, a bioluminescent millipede and a rare dragon fish.
Following on from Attenborough at 90 on BBC1, 7pm, tonight, the wildlife presenter takes us into the world of bioluminescent creatures.
org, project leader Ki-Hun Jeong said "it was clearly revealed that the function of asymmetric and hierarchical structures substantially contributes to the efficient extraction and wide angular illumination of bioluminescent light that would otherwise be entrapped in the firefly lantern.
The science is based on the detection of organic residues on surfaces and in water samples using a bioluminescent reaction.
The flexible "fishing rod" on an anglerfish's head is filled with tiny bioluminescent bacteria.
Astounding, full-color nature photography of bioluminescent animals (often against a black or natural background) illustrates this educational children's picturebook, highly recommended especially for school or public library collections.
The other topics are phytoplankton gene expression, marine microalgae and harmful algal blooms: a European perspective, Emiliania huxleyi in the genomic era, bioluminescent microalgae, and microfluidics and in situ sensors for microalgae.
BEER SHEVA, Israel -- Researchers have developed a simple and inexpensive device that uses bioluminescent bacteria to monitor air quality and alert to potentially unsafe conditions.