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(of living organisms) emitting light

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The Introduction welcomes onlookers to the woodlands of Noah America, where a variety of bioluminescent mushrooms grow on decaying wood.
Food contamination can now be detected with a new device, The bioluminescent assay in real-time (Bart), based on the chemical which lights up fireflies, below.
The specially engineered probiotic bacteria, like those found in many yogurts, were intravenously injected into mice with tumors, after which the researchers took full body bioluminescent images.
Many deep-sea creatures--including types of bacteria, fish and squid--are bioluminescent, meaning they generate light inside their bodies through chemical reactions.
will be collaborating with Andrew Kung, MD, PhD and Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD to further develop and make available these, and other cell lines, to improve the quantification and predictive power of bioluminescent imaging in cancer.
Their topics include hardware and software from microscopes to cameras used in Ca2+ recordings, bioluminescent Ca2+ indicators, intracellular calcium-sensitive microelectrodes, Ca2+ imaging of the intracellular organelles endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria, in vivo Ca2+ imaging of the living brain using the multi-cell bolus loading technique, and Ca2+ imaging of glia.
We can only guess what the function of this bioluminescent tail is.
Our VITROGROW(TM) Brand of stem cell media has been demonstrated to result in superior performance to competing products in the growth of human adult stem cells and is now utilized in high performance, bioluminescent test kits (Lumenesc-Hu(TM) and LumiSTEM(TM)) for measuring the quality and potency of mesenchymal and induced-pluripotent stem cells.
The 36-year-old, from Low Fell, Gateshead, said: "Around midnight, we aim to get everyone in the water to see the bioluminescent plankton and just mess about.
Cole creates glow-in-the-dark art with bioluminescent bacteria, which undergo chemical reactions to give off light.
The Marine Institute said the sightings is are most likely due to a bioluminescent plankton called Noctiluca scintillans - sometimes known as Sea Ghost or Fire of Sea.
The glow is caused by microscopic phytoplankton that are bioluminescent.
In addition to our unique position in bioluminescent and fluorescent conjugate imaging, the cross licensing arrangement enables Caliper to provide our existing and prospective license customers with a broader suite of Intellectual property rights for optical imaging with fluorescent proteins," stated Caliper President and CEO Kevin Hrusovsky.
Under the new cross-licensing arrangement, Caliper acquires the right to sublicense AntiCancer's fluorescent protein optical imaging patents to third-parties, alongside Caliper's own portfolio of in vivo fluorescent and bioluminescent optical imaging patents; AntiCancer acquires the right to sublicense Caliper's optical imaging patents, in the field of fluorescent protein imaging, to a specified annual number of third parties throughout the life of the agreement, alongside AntiCancer's own fluorescent protein optical imaging patents.
Bioluminescent creatures use chemicals to make their own light.