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luminescence produced by physiological processes (as in the firefly)

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These compounds were not used in further experiments due to toxicity issues or inconclusive effects on bioluminescence, briefly mentioned in Results.
Web Link: Explore the recent bioluminescence exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History: www.
They will learn about the importance of bioluminescence in nature, examine the chemical process that occurs to make creatures glow, learn why different creatures create different colours and discover how scientists are harnessing the power of bioluminescence for human uses.
To evaluate the quality of the cleaning process ATP bioluminescence LIGHTNING MVPTM (Arquimed) was used.
Dr Davies said he had seen bioluminescence only twice in five years, but advised that late spring and early summer are the best times to see the phenomenon.
The Extreme Life of the Sea comes from a marine biologist and his son who offer up stories of how marine creatures have adapted to some of the most extreme environments on the planet, and arranges information in eye-catching categories ("the hottest" or "the deadliest") to encourage lay readers to learn about polar ice fish, bioluminescence, heat-resistant corals, mangrove forests and much more.
The large-scale photography show, which forms part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, aims to celebrate the beauty, wonder and oddity of bioluminescence and fluorescence in nature.
In this case we use the whole bacteria, Vibrio fischeri which is one of interesting bioluminescence bacteria, coupled with luminometer.
Hygiena International has further developed their highly successful ATP bioluminescence system to specifically measure bacterial contamination, giving results within a working day or shift.
The objective of this study is to determine if a real-time caries assessment tool using Adenosine-Triphosphate Driven Bioluminescence (CariScreen ATP testing by Oral Biotech) can reliably predict the amount of bacteria associated with dental caries.
The discoveries of our scientists and their colleagues about all the amazing ways species--many of them new to science--are using bioluminescence is a powerful reminder of how much more we need to know about the natural world," says Michael Novacek, senior vice president and provost for science at the American Museum of Natural History.
The company said that the 3M Molecular Detection System, introduced in December 2011, combines two technologies, isothermal DNA amplification and bioluminescence detection, to provide a fast and reliable method of pathogen detection in enriched food, feed and food process environmental samples.
Firefly light is one of nature's best examples of bioluminescence," Maye says.
Fireflies--also called lightning bugs-use a form of bioluminescence.