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luminescence produced by physiological processes (as in the firefly)

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Living Lights offers a fascinating insight into the weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence, unlocking its mysterious properties within nature, and also showing how scientific research is using this phenomenon to make amazing technological and medical advancements'.
Wanting, I suppose, something more accessible than biology and chemistry to describe this, I ask Miller if the Miwok had any legends about the bioluminescence.
Throughout the gallery, visitors can deepen their experience by interacting with iPads, which will offer engaging videos, animations, photographs, and additional in-depth content about bioluminescence and related phenomena designed exclusively for this exhibition.
Molecular Imaging employs a wide array of imaging technologies including MRI, micro-CT, micro-PET, FMT, bioluminescence and fluorescence to provide information at anatomical, functional, and molecular levels to enhance decision-making.
His infectious enthusiasm has translated into eight books, more than 200 peerreviewed papers and 40 reviews, as well as extensive lab-based genetic engineering tests in bioluminescence and how it might contribute to medicine.
The squid feeds the bacteria and, since the squid has no genes to make light, the bacteria's bioluminescence genes produce the proteins to make the squid invisible.
Bioluminescence and growth (600 A) were monitored every 15 min for 15 h in a multimode microplate reader (Tecan, www.
In the standard bioluminescence test, when ATP is detected a reaction occurs that generates a photon of yellow-green light, similar to that of a firefly.
They possess secret weapons, such as jet propulsion, bioluminescence, and clouds of black ink released to distract enemies, and the ability to swim backwards and change color and texture.
Topics include paleophysical oceanography with an emphasis on transport rates, advances in estuarine physics, marine ecomechanics, patterns and mechanisms of sea surface temperature variability, contemporary sea level rise, estimation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide inventories in the ocean, the antiquity of maritime cultures and human impacts on marine fisheries and ecosystems, oceanographic and biogeochemical insights from diatom genomes, biocomplexity in mangrove ecosystems, and bioluminescence in the sea.
Immunomagnetic capture and bioluminescence for the selective capture of target bacteria and quantification, respectively, were explored in our study.
The enzymes are measured using a proprietary light generating substrate based upon traditional ATP bioluminescence.
Based on exclusive AK-enhanced ATP bioluminescence, the company's rapid screening method detects microbial contamination in finished goods, raw materials, and in-process solutions within 24 hours, versus 3-7 days for traditional limits testing.
This is why a mature technology--ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bioluminescence monitoring systems--has found a new and key role in the cleaning industry and this technology is now spreading to the healthcare and long-term care industries as well.
Esca emulates natural bioluminescence, replicating the wavelength, intensity and frequency of light emitted by fish and plankton in salt water.