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use of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior

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According to Menendez, the hegemonic medical model is characterized by an ahistorical, biologistic perspective that sees the individual as asocial and dismisses or ignores non-technical knowledge.
Rita Feiski argues, "the attempt to argue a necessary connection between feminism and experimental form, when not grounded in biologistic thinking which affirms a spontaneous link between a 'feminine' textuality and the female body, relies on a theoretical sleight-of-hand that associates or equates the avant-garde and the "feminine as forms of marginalized discourse vis-a-vis a monolithic and vaguely defined 'patriarchal bourgeois humanism' which is said to permeate the structures of symbolic discourse" (Beyond 5).
Unfortunately, some contributors reproduce such biologistic representations of male sexuality, rather than subjecting them to historical interrogation.
More generally, some uses of health indicators (including `disability adjusted life years' [DALYs] and `quality adjusted life years' [QALYs]) are critiqued as biologistic answers to complex social questions by Eckermann, showing again how professional and scientific techniques may be used to de-politicise policy.
a call for a return to a homogeneous Gemeinschaft, expulsion from society of an "Other" that embodies all social pathology, and biologistic or hereditary explanations of human behavior contingently labeled deviant.
30) Tamar Pitch observes that Lombroso's biologistic and essentializing categories of women in general and prostitutes in particular persisted through the 1960s.
Reid credits pre-"postNegritude" critical frameworks with developing more or less credible strategies for survival and resistance to racism and colonization but goes on to argue that the postNegritude project moves beyond essentialist and biologistic assumptions about race which often informed earlier efforts to accommodate, appropriate, and/or resist cultural domination.
His famous "retour a Freud" promised to replace an optimistic, biologistic, drive-focused, acultural Freud with a Freud reconceived according to linguistic terminology - a Freud once again tragic, but whose scene of conflict is no longer the dark battle between body and mind.
In this way, much of Nietzsche's later thought is biologistic, but not reductionist.
In Helga, she creates a self-referential Melanctha of the twenties who at moments openly mocks the very biologistic literary tradition that has produced her.
One would have to consider the fact that the German colonial experience represents the "drawing-board on which the German bourgeois nation-state devised a form of rule based on a 'modern' biologistic understanding of society," as the historian Pascal Grosse puts it in a new study on the connection between colonialism and eugenics in the time leading up to the National Socialist period.
In our culture, the image of the body fomented by the biologistic and technocratic medical discourse, as well as by the consumer culture and communications media, not only produces a fragmented image within the subjects, but also introduces a gendered reading of bodies by establishing a difference between instrumental values and values of attractiveness directly linked to the different body standards for women and men.
Questioning the biologistic reduction to drives of the imagistic and the textual by Freud, leads Roper to question and expose biologism as a "narrative" that supplants the reality of a rich mythic and psychic heritage.
We could add a "biological/cognitive" category, if we wished to include biologistic theories.
Alifa Rifaat's short story "Bahia's Eyes" deploys a version of essentialism that is neither self-consciously strategic nor commonsensically biologistic.