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use of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior

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Looy, "Losing Ourselves: Biologism, Bad Reduction, and Father Brown," Midwest Quarterly (in press).
Still, he is able deftly to chart the changes in the meaning of naturalism through the history of Western philosophy, from Aristotle's teleological biologism to Kant's decidedly extranaturalist definition of human freedom (pursuing an end beyond nature) to Hegel and Darwin's insights permitting the distinction between naturalism qua progress in human culture/history and naturalism qua biological/species-specific evolution.
In many other instances, however, courts continue expressly to follow the unfortunate biologism of the path-breaking 1970 English judgment in Corbett v.
The author argues that proponents of biologism typically ignore the close relation between the complexity of the human brain and the methods pertinent to investigating it, a fault that he finds rooted in psychology's illusory claim to be a natural science as opposed to a discipline that sometimes uses natural scientific methods.
Where the abstinence lobby has had to claim moral superiority in the face of contradicting data, its detractors lay claim to the value-neutral biologism that to be human is to be sexual.
7) This style of thinking about national character and "ways of life" suited (or not) for democracy sought to challenge the specious biologism of German racial science with the kind of "psychoculturalism" pioneered by anthropologist Margaret Mead, which emphasized the plastic force of culture rather than race on the shaping of a people.
Positions that emphasized biologism were abhorrent to her.
19) Biologism and essentialism in the Islamicized versions are strengthened by resort to the divine creation: "If you think about these characteristics that God has inscribed in men and women and what is expected in creation of world, you will see that a woman has a broad capacity to bear child, deliver, feed and breed the baby.
At several points in his poem Jarvis confronts individualist or ultra-materialist heresies; he swipes at biologism, Rawlsian contract ethics, and fashionable dismissals of metaphysics.
The analogy is illuminating because of a real affinity between humans and animals, and, for Nietzsche and his contemporaries, because analogies resting on biologism point towards the kind of biological explanation that science can be expected ultimately to supply.
However, the narrative strategy to intimidate the material has the effect of silencing cloning; the technology that could challenge the film's biologism is rendered invisible as the construction of normative masculinity becomes the main focus in The Matrix.
Psychoanalytic thinking seems to allow a return to the body--to the somatic roots of psychic life--in a nonreductive manner, which is to say, without recourse to mere biologism or materialism.
Post-colonialism, in short, has been among other things one instance of a rampant "culturalism" which has recently swept across Western cultural theory, over-emphasizing the cultural dimension of human life in understandable overreaction to a previous biologism, humanism or economism.
Any view which suggests otherwise is hopelessly mired in one or another form of biologism, and biologism is easily put forth as the basis of normative attitudes toward sexuality, which, if deviated from, may be seen as rendering the deviant behavior <<unhealthy>> and <<abnormal.
A crude biologism far from obtaining a majority but of enormous destructive power.
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