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Synonyms for biological

pertaining to biology or to life and living things


of parents and children


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Lipoxen's PolyXen(r) protein drug delivery technology links therapeutic proteins, or peptides, to the naturally occurring polymer polysialic acid to prolong protein stability and biological half-life, and to improve solubility and immunological characteristics while maintaining biological activity and minimizing toxicity.
Virosome Biologicals is developing and commercialising a proprietary platform enabling technology for vaccines.
Further, this license agreement anticipates further milestones and royalties payable to Virosome Biologicals as the clinical development and commercialization program progresses.
Norwood Immunology maintains the right to exercise the option to acquire Virosome Biologicals at any time during the option period and the right to terminate the equity injections at any time.
GSK Biologicals employs more than 1,000 research scientists, who are devoted to discovering new vaccines and developing more cost-effective and convenient combination products to prevent infections that cause serious medical problems worldwide.
Combination Therapies: Benefits and Challenges in Drug, Device, and Biologicals Development examines the numerous advantages of combination products for both the marketing company and the patient, evaluates combination therapies on the market from both a therapeutic and business perspective, identifies opportunities, hurdles, and regulatory issues for novel products, and profiles companies participating in this area.
Martin's presentation, "Filtration Technologies for Reducing Prion Contamination in Biologicals," takes place today at 1:45pm in the session "Novel Clearance and Inactivation Technologies to Reduce and Eliminate TSE Infectivity in Biopharmaceuticals" at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA.
The development and production of drugs, including biopharmaceuticals and biologicals, is governed by national and international "Good Practice" regulations.
It will still take some years before this vaccine becomes a reality, but the commitment is certainly there," said Jean Stephenne, president and general manager of GSK Biologicals, one of the world's largest vaccine companies.
Albuferrin(TM) is a totally unique product combining the growth-enhancing benefits of transferrin with our high-performance, economical albumin," commented Stephen Welch, President and CEO of Proliant Biologicals.
Proliant Biologicals manufactures high-purity animal-derived biochemicals, such as Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), used in diagnostics, research, biopharmaceutical and veterinary applications.
GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (GSK Biologicals), the world's leading vaccine manufacturer, is located in Rixensart, Belgium.
Leading Pharmaceutical Company Implements Lifecycle Biologicals
Nasdaq: SQST) today at the Bio-IT World Conference announced the launch of LifeCycle(TM) Biologicals Manager, a specialized materials management solution for biological samples and related data.
Nasdaq:CRXA), a developer of immunotherapeutics, and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (GSK Bio) today announced that the companies have entered into a new cancer vaccine collaboration agreement to further advance the development of multiple solid tumor vaccines.
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