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Synonyms for biological

pertaining to biology or to life and living things


of parents and children


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announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the company a patent for Biomatrica's invention of its core technology for stabilizing biological materials dry at ambient temperatures.
LifeCycle Biologicals Manager is a materials management solution for life science organizations seeking to consolidate biological assets and related data to enable global access to samples used and created in the drug discovery process.
The growth of the agricultural biologicals market is driven by various factors, such as the increasing demand for organic products, rising world population, reduced chemical hazards, and easier residue management.
Potential products, which address markets in excess of US$1 billion, currently under development include improved formulations of important biologicals including EPO, G-CSF, insulin and Interferon-alpha based on Lipoxen's proprietary PolyXen(r) technology.
Bestewil is the 100% owner of Virosome Biologicals Limited ("Virosome Biologicals").
Virosome Biologicals is developing and commercializing a proprietary platform enabling technology for vaccines.
Norwood Abbey Ltd (ASX:NAL) advises that its subsidiary, Norwood Immunology Ltd (AIM:NIM), has negotiated an option to acquire the whole issued capital of Netherlands-based Bestewil Holding Limited, the 100% owner of Virosome Biologicals Group Limited (Virosome Biologicals).
com/reports/c26912) has announced the addition of Combination Therapies: Benefits and Challenges in Drug, Device and Biologicals Development to their offering
NABI) (NASDAQ: NBIO) announced today that it has successfully arranged financing commitments for its pending acquisition of the international plasma-based biologicals business of Continental Pharma Cryosan Inc.
com/reports/c10371) has announced the addition of A Guide to Good Facility Design Practice - The Design of Regulatory-Compliant Facilities for Biologicals and Biopharmaceuticals to their offering.
GSK Biologicals and PATH's Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) co-sponsored the trial, which was approved by Mozambique's Ministry of Health.
Proliant Biologicals announced today that it is now manufacturing LiPro(R) on a large scale, and will expand its product portfolio to include several related serum-free cell culture media components.
Proliant Biologicals announced today that it has expanded its operations in Boone, Iowa, relocating management, sales and R&D from Ames to the newly enhanced facility.
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