biological warfare

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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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1: Biological Warfare (BW): It is the military use of biological agents where targets of agents are predominately soldiers governments or resources that might hinder a nation's ability to attack and/or defend it.
The need for an online graduate course in chemical and biological warfare is a reflection of the unique mission of the MSU DDSS.
Other chapters, all of which are well written and easy for the layman to understand, provide an overview of biological-warfare agents carried by land- attack cruise missiles and other possibilities for biological warfare in the Middle East.
found the technology in 2002 while seeking a quicker way to detect biological warfare agents in the wake of Sept.
Many items needed to establish a laboratory for making biological warfare agents were being sold on the Internet to the public from DOD's excess property inventory for pennies on the dollar, making them both easy and economical to obtain.
This included evidence about the development of organisms that could be used in biological warfare, and the involvement of Iraqi Intelligence services in possible biological warfare activities.
Her study makes for grim but very significant reading, especially in our own time when long vanquished viral enemies like smallpox can strike again, perhaps during some insane fit of biological warfare, and destroy yet more hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.
Because even minuscule amounts of chemical or biological warfare agents can be harmful, sensor developers are striving to build devices to detect those weapons at the molecular level.
The five Nordic countries are working on a common strategy for defence against a possible biological warfare attack.
Other biological warfare agents including anthrax were also found in Afghanistan, a new CIA report to Congress revealed.
The US has had, at least going back to World War II, an extremely aggressive offensive biological warfare program.
A timely and important volume that challenges the narrow, conventional understandings of the threat of biological warfare as emanating solely from 'rogue states' and terrorists.
He advised the commanding general and division staff on clinical and logistical medical issues ranging from blood supply to vaccinations against biological warfare agents.
Simulation Technologies Incorporated, Beavercreek, Ohio, is being awarded a $30,000,000 indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract to provide for Joint Services and Air Force Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense science and technology to provide an effective defense against any adversary employing weapons of mass destruction.