biological warfare

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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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In many respects, biological warfare defense requires an altogether different approach than that for nuclear or chemical warfare.
The second plague pandemic draws the most interest from scholars of biological warfare.
The need for an online graduate course in chemical and biological warfare is a reflection of the unique mission of the MSU DDSS.
Other chapters, all of which are well written and easy for the layman to understand, provide an overview of biological-warfare agents carried by land- attack cruise missiles and other possibilities for biological warfare in the Middle East.
Prior to JBAIDS, it took the military two to four days back in a microbiology laboratory to accurately identify the presence of a biological warfare agent.
Nonetheless, the account of a biological warfare attack in Caffa is plausible and consistent with the technology of that time, and despite its historical unimportance, the siege of Caffa is a powerful reminder of the terrible consequences when diseases are used as weapons.
Due to continuing concerns about bioterrorism and the potential for future anthrax attacks, GAO was asked to audit controls over public sales of excess Department of Defense (DOD) biological equipment and chemical and biological protective clothing that could be used to produce and disseminate biological warfare agents.
The ISG was "uncovering significant information" about biological warfare activities.
Here are the main findings: Biological warfare The ISG was 'uncovering significant information' about biological warfare activities.
Her study makes for grim but very significant reading, especially in our own time when long vanquished viral enemies like smallpox can strike again, perhaps during some insane fit of biological warfare, and destroy yet more hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.
Because even minuscule amounts of chemical or biological warfare agents can be harmful, sensor developers are striving to build devices to detect those weapons at the molecular level.
Other biological warfare agents including anthrax were also found in Afghanistan, a new CIA report to Congress revealed.
The US has had, at least going back to World War II, an extremely aggressive offensive biological warfare program.
A timely and important volume that challenges the narrow, conventional understandings of the threat of biological warfare as emanating solely from 'rogue states' and terrorists.
He advised the commanding general and division staff on clinical and logistical medical issues ranging from blood supply to vaccinations against biological warfare agents.