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Synonyms for vector

the compass direction in which a ship or an aircraft moves

Synonyms for vector

a variable quantity that can be resolved into components

a straight line segment whose length is magnitude and whose orientation in space is direction

Related Words

any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease

(genetics) a virus or other agent that is used to deliver DNA to a cell

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The qualities taken into consideration for biological vector weapons were the (16)--
This condition occurs in an area where it was not possible to determine whether the species of sandflies were competent as biological vectors for L.
In this collection of essays, the authors look to non-biological biological vectors to curb pests and preserve crops for human consumption.
Moreover, the chemical versatility of UCNPs offers opportunity for functionalization with biological vectors, which improve biocompatibility, targeting and selectivity features of these integrated nanomaterials in cells and tissues.