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Civil War doctors and hospital administrators failed to map external clock time onto internal biological time.
The new battlefield resuscitation strategy is about slowing biological time, an idea that was borrowed from the "tricks" of natural hibernators, and is based on Professor Dobson's prior research innovation, Adenocaine([R]) technology, which is now used in the USA in cardiac surgery, and soon to be introduced in Europe and other international markets.
Strogatz first came across Peskin's work on synchronized electrical signals among pacemaker cells while thumbing through a book by Winfree on the geometry of biological time.
Yamanaka's achievements were nothing short of revolutionary, likening them to a sort of biological time machine.
He spent an entire morning in Glasgow on a fruitless search for a healthy breakfast and warns we are sitting on a biological time bomb.
Lippmann continued, noting, for example, that "Geological time is very different from biological time.
The scientists see Movile Cave as a biological time capsule.
The film demonstrates how natural mineral chelating (key-lay-ting) molecules, such as those provided in Longevinex(R), can reduce overmineralization and turn back the clock hands of biological time.
At least it would defuse a biological time bomb that so far nobody knows how to handle.
A new patron surgically restores his powers, but adds a biological time bomb and makes an ultimatum: Perform a certain task within a specified time or die.
What prompted this industrywide transformation is the fact that baby boomers' biological time clocks are running out when it comes to sleeping through the night.
It's grabbing light to construct a visual image, yet there's a separate pathway used for grabbing light for biological time," says Russell G.
live with a biological time bomb -- because they are diabetic, they are at risk for permanent loss of vision.
Sometimes, however, scientists would be satisfied if biological time were merely slowed down a bit.
live with a biological time bomb - because they are diabetic, they are at risk for permanent loss of vision.
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