biological terrorism

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terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare

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5) Clearly, soldiers, and more particularly, the Chemical Corps, will be involved in civilian responses to domestic biological terrorism.
In measures against biological terrorism, the government intends to develop new detective methods adaptable to all kinds of disease agents.
While it is possible that chemical or biological terrorism attacks may cause a large number of deaths, experts believe such a scenario is highly unlikely.
In response to threats of biological terrorism such as the anthrax recently mailed to members of Congress and several news organizations, a regional health education center will hold four seminars for health care providers and emergency response workers in Lane, Josephine and Jackson counties.
Meanwhile, the President of the European Parliament Nicole Fontaine appeals for governments to look beyond merely political statements and to agree swiftly on "joint, concrete measures" to strengthen civil defence and the medical sector against the threat of biological terrorism.
And when 751 people in Oregon became infected with salmonella in 1984, public-health authorities suspected a natural outbreak, not biological terrorism.
Rega has also developed a manual called Bio-Terry: A Start Manual to Identify and Treat Diseases of Biological Terrorism which is used by emergency room doctors to determine the potential contaminant in the event of a bioterrorist attack.
Corlin tells viewers, "In a world where biological terrorism has become a reality, many Americans are confused.
The discussion, which will include a question- and-answer session, will focus on steps that have been taken to prepare for biological terrorism, information about how illnesses induced by bioterrorism can be recognized and treated as well as cool-headed tips for handling the fear that has been accompanied by news reports of criminal dispersion of anthrax.
Applied BiosystemseIU products also serve the needs of some markets outside of life science research, which we refer to as eIuapplied markets,eIN such as the fields of: human identity testing (forensic and paternity testing); biosecurity, which refers to products needed in response to the threat of biological terrorism and other malicious, accidental, and natural biological dangers; and quality and safety testing, for example in food and the environment.
Up-to-date information on scientific, medical, and technological advances impinging on defense against biological terrorism threats has, until now, been scattered across diffuse and often inaccessible sources.
government has been developing a task force to combat biological terrorism.
The remaining chapters discuss comparative risk analysis of biological terrorism, pandemics, and other disaster threats; local government perspectives on homeland security strategy and policy choices; democracy, civil society, and the damage-limitation component of strategy; transportation as a component of homeland security strategy; and US energy security.
a leading biodefense company specializing in the development and commercialization of medical countermeasures against chemical and biological terrorism, announced today that it is scheduled to present at the Rodman & Renshaw / Acumen BioFin 9th Annual Healthcare Conference on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 10:55 a.
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