biological terrorism

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terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare

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In responding to a biological terrorism event, the level of preparedness depends on where the event occurs and how far it spreads.
They know, first hand, the importance of pursuing improvements in surveillance for chemical and biological terrorism.
Bush's second priority for homeland defense is bolstering America's resistance to biological terrorism.
New chemical and biological terrorism teams will be set up as part of the New Zealand Defense Force and NZ$3 million will be used to upgrade Customs capabilities to prevent New Zealand from being used as a base for terrorism.
The government will allocate 65 million yen for countermeasures to biological terrorism and 41 million yen for countermeasures to urban terrorism, the officials said.
We have no idea what could happen next, but chemical and biological terrorism loom large on people's minds.
11s and fear of new things such as biological terrorism which are so strange and so horrendous that they have previously been contemplated chiefly in the minds of those who write fiction.
Experts on terrorism say the best thing Americans can do to resist the threat of chemical and biological terrorism is to not overreact or panic.
In response to threats of biological terrorism such as the anthrax recently mailed to members of Congress and several news organizations, a regional health education center will hold four seminars for health care providers and emergency response workers in Lane, Josephine and Jackson counties.
Meanwhile, the President of the European Parliament Nicole Fontaine appeals for governments to look beyond merely political statements and to agree swiftly on "joint, concrete measures" to strengthen civil defence and the medical sector against the threat of biological terrorism.
government has been developing a task force to combat biological terrorism.
The remaining chapters discuss comparative risk analysis of biological terrorism, pandemics, and other disaster threats; local government perspectives on homeland security strategy and policy choices; democracy, civil society, and the damage-limitation component of strategy; transportation as a component of homeland security strategy; and US energy security.
With this in mind, hospitals are evaluating their systems to see if they will encounter the patient load, media frenzy, and general panic in the local population occasioned by biological terrorism or its threat.
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