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pertaining to biology or to life and living things


of parents and children


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Loss of capsule among Streptococcus suis isolates from porcine endocarditis and its biological significance.
Although little information on the biological significance of [omega]-oxidation of fatty acids was available at the time of these older reports, in 1973-1980 many groups reported on the oxidation under condition of starvation or diabetes.
They believe that the approved EIA falls very short of the requirements for this type of assessment, as it is limited in scope, often inaccurate, shows little in-depth knowledge of the area or its biological significance and lacks the necessary detail regarding mitigation of the impacts required for an EIA in such an important protected area as Mana Pools.
Lately, some progress is being made, particularly with the establishment of large-scale marine reserves and documenting areas of ecological or biological significance in open-ocean and deep-sea habitats.
The actual biological significance of these findings is unknown, but the researchers note that studies in adults have associated shorter telomere length with cognitive defects and with increased rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Although the biological significance, if any, of increased glucose metabolism from acute cell phone exposure is unknown, the results warrant further investigation," Henry Lai of the University of Washington, Seattle, and Dr.
We must disseminate the biological significance of animals found in the region so that this knowledge may contribute to the implementation of actions that guarantee the preservation of the environmental patrimony.
After a new introduction, the chapters cover structure, stereochemistry, reactions and rearrangements, synthesis, biosynthesis, and the biological significance of secondary metabolites.
A vocal leader and one of the principal investigators in the region, ecologist Valeria Souza at the National Autonomous University of Mexico speaks candidly about the region's biological significance as the "puzzle of life" and has been pressuring the Mexican government to act to preserve this unique environment.
The Consortium is currently testing all novel loci in an independent set of 10,000 UC patients and a similar number of population controls to confirm these findings, but even the preliminary results provide "convincing evidence," he said, of associations to genes of biological significance to disease pathogenesis: TNFRSF14, JAK2, CARD9 and others.
What is the biological significance of the magnitude of the alteration in cardiovascular reactivity?
The major groups of insects are identified, illuminating their varied ecological roles; and the biological significance of complete and incomplete metamorphosis among insects is emphasized.
Begali says, "Our results call for an in-depth study of this phenomenon and challenges neuroscientists, bio-chemists and physicists to study the proximate mechanisms and biological significance of magnetic alignment.
The biopharma industry is trying to find ways to move away from the use of artificial cell lines that have questionable biological significance in the drug development process, and towards more biologically relevant cellular systems.
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