biological science

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the science that studies living organisms


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She says: "I am delighted the initiative is introducing biological science to new audiences.
Saoud was speaking to media persons on the sidelines of the event for introduction of two collaborative undergraduate programmes in biological sciences and computational biology on Thursday, launched by the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMUQ) and the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMCQ).
Fiona, from Kirkcaldy, not only graduated with an HND in biological sciences but she also received the College's special Science Award, presented to the best all-round student completing the course.
Idaho State's initial interest in the product was based on a desire to provide desktop electronic access to a major bibliographic database in the biological sciences.
CONTACT: Alaska Biological Science Center, East Tudor Road, Anchorage, AK 99503/(907) 786-3512.
The project has now received a pounds 425,000 grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council to fund the work.
With 700 institutional print subscriptions worldwide, the Annals volumes provide an authoritative overview of medical and basic biological science subjects of current and compelling interest.
Geological Survey (USGS), the nation's largest water, earth, and biological science and civilian mapping agency, provides reliable, impartial scientific information to describe and understand the earth.
I'm majoring in biological science, since my goal is to become a veterinarian,'' she said.
Bioinformatics Basics: Applications in Biological Science and Medicine Hooman H.
He received a bachelor's degree in biological science from what was then Pasadena Nazarene College.
Also congratulations were made by: Orlova OG, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk Region; Academician, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, scientific director of the Siberian Federal Scientific Center for Agrobiotechnology RAS Donchenko AS; Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Scientific Leader of the Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS Alekseenko SV; Deputy Director of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the SB RAS for Research, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Kochetov AV
4 million renovation within the Biological Sciences building, at 1445 Gortner Ave.
I look forward to applying to CMU-Q and becoming a biological sciences student.
The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, has a wonderful mix of chemical and biological sciences with focus on genetics, molecular medicine, biotechnology and chemistry, said Director of ICCBS, Prof.
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