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It's essential to engage the scientific community in efforts to prevent the misuse of biological research.
The integration of Biological Research Associates and ENTRIX benefits existing clients with enhanced environmental and natural resource management consulting services.
With this acquisition, Abgent brings to WuXi new product lines of biological research reagents for drug discovery and basic research to expand its service offering to existing customers and to new customers in the life-science research community.
Investigators may wish to select a model system or define a biological research topic that will serve as a framework for the technological research and development activities of the resource.
The Pentagon has refused to reveal how much of the budget it will devote to biological research, but a spokesman at Ft.
Psychosocial research isn't necessarily weaker than biological research.
Christopher Savoie, said, "In biological research today, high speed data analysis is extremely important.
Diesel fuel leaking from a wrecked Argentine ship threatens biological research at the U.
Science-based with full-scale genomic, proteomic and biological research capabilities, the company is vertically integrated through advanced research, technology and manufacturing capabilities.
Frank Wright, chief of FCC's Frequency Liaison Branch, noted that the telemetry equipment game officials used had been authorized under an FCC license granted for biological research.
Although chemical genetics was originally developed for basic biological research, industry has enlisted this approach to improve the effectiveness of small-molecule drug discovery and development.
This fine text will make a major impact on biological research and, in turn, on progress in biomedicine.
Veeco's goal is to remain at the forefront of worldwide cell biology research and to continue to develop innovative AFM solutions for biological research and industrial applications, such as our BioScope[TM] II AFM.
SRI International's Biosciences Division is a unique organization of approximately 200 people, with all of the resources necessary to take chemical and biological research programs from "idea to IND"[TM] - from initial discovery to investigational new drug applications to start human clinical trials.
Pilch is a project manager for the Cooperative Biological Research program in Russia, and is co-writing a book on the dichotomous use of toxins as both therapeutic agents and weapons of war.
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