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pertaining to biology or to life and living things


of parents and children


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The originality of the approach proposed is to combine in-depth physical studies (magnetic, plasmonic) of nanomaterials in biological environment while exploring new therapeutic modalities.
We believe the VisuALIF system provides surgeons a complete system to take advantage of an anterior open access to recreate the biological environment necessary for fusion as well as fixation solutions that provide the stability necessary to achieve successful clinical outcomes," said Kevin Dunworth, CEO of SpineSmith.
The obtained product has higher chemical stability and lower degradation rate in biological environment.
Before this research, little was known about the size of the "garbage patch" and the threats it poses to marine life and the gyre's biological environment.
The bioreactor-a device that mimics a biological environment to carry out a reaction on an industrial scale-uses biologically inspired engineering to fully integrate the major components of bone marrow, modeling both its composition and blood flow characteristics.
The simultaneous measurement of ascorbic acid in the presence of dopamine in biological environment has always been a challenge.
The book provides an exhaustive account of C-nanotubes toxicity, mechanisms of toxicity and biocompatibility towards human and animal organisms as well as the entire biological environment.
Part one provides an introductory review of bioresorbable materials and the biological environment of the body.
Retinal implants have also seen implantation without rejection by the biological environment of the human body.
It looks at the physical environment affected by these processes, including resource depletion, pollution and energy use; the biological environment, by considering what happens as a result of manufacture, and the social environment as it impinges on our psychological, physical and physiological comfort, as well as our financial well-being.
ACLARA's microfluidics technology will enable the chemical and biological environment around each cell domain to be independently controlled, by introducing small amounts of reagents and test compounds to these domains on demand.
DDWEM is California's health department branch in charge of promoting and maintaining a physical, chemical and biological environment that contributes positively to health, prevents illness and assures protection of the public related to drinking water and the environment.
Furthermore, silicon technology has much to offer medicine in terms of miniaturized intelligent devices, but the range of applications has been limited to those in which the chip electronics are isolated from the biological environment.
OTC Bulletin Board: BIOP) is using a therapy that creates an internal biological environment where cancer simply can't survive.
SBB chose Elastocoast for its high permeability and porosity, but also because it supports the ecological balance and the native biological environment of the coastline.
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