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11), (12) Therefore, distinguishing between the effect of biological degradations and photodegradations seems very difficult.
Yari, H, Mohseni, M, Ramazanzade, B, Naderi, N, "Use of Analytical Techniques to Reveal the Influence of Chemical Structure of Clearcoat on Its Biological Degradation Caused by Bird-Droppings.
and whether or not that UV exposure enhances the biological degradation of the target organic contaminant.
The compelling chemistry behind 3DMe provides wide-area subsurface distribution characteristics coupled with sustained in-situ biological degradation of chlorinated contaminants.
Chemical evolution and biological degradation of the petroleum/dispersant system and subsequent interaction with coastal, open-ocean, and deep-water ecosystems.
Basin Water's technology causes biological degradation of the perchlorate contained in the resins, allowing for the treated resins to be reused multiple times with no loss of capacity.
under technical specification and have high UV resistance, inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemelcals like acids and alkalies.
SERDP Project of the Year Award for Cleanup, for his work on the biological degradation of explosives.
The work has been started under a special program, which provides for the biological degradation of the sludge, which has already passed through the dehydration unit treatment, with application of "Devoroil" compound.
This funding allows observations and sampling of physical distribution, dispersion, chemical evolution, biological degradation, and environmental effects associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that would otherwise be unavailable.
Anjanapura and Kannahalli Landfill sites, which has undergone biological degradation
This information is critical toward developing a more efficient biological degradation approach for groundwater contaminated with toxic metals and radionuclides.
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