biological attack

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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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Before 9/11 and the anthrax letter attacks, the US government was mostly concerned about biological attacks on the military, on soldiers-it was not prepared for attacks on civilians.
Obama's vow came a day after a bipartisan panel warned the government had failed to take sufficient action to respond to the threat of possible biological attack.
Ironically, steps taken to address the avian flu pandemic risk--nature's biological weapon-may help mitigate the risk from a terrorist biological attack.
Aerosols were being considered as the answer to biological attack back in 1969:Government scientists in the Cold War considered packing civilians into closed rooms and spraying them with aerosols to immunise them against biological attack, documents just released show.
Interest also peaked after September 11, when the federal Department of Homeland Security endorsed air cleaners in case of a chemical or biological attack (see www.
He is in charge of training all German-based British troops to deal with nuclear or biological attack.
Some are sensitive to biological attack and some are not.
Parker suggests the system could perhaps be used in military applications, to protect crews against chemical or biological attack, or aboard naval vessels.
In this scenario, a biological attack has just been conducted by a fictitious Islamic terrorist group.
British Airways and Air France cancelled a number of flights over the weekend after US intelligence officials warned that al-Qaida may be planning a chemical or biological attack on an aircraft.
Meanwhile a newspaper report claimed information that a chemical or biological attack could be launched in 45 minutes of an order by Saddam Hussein came from a senior Iraqi officer.
During a suspected biological attack, the public health community will play a major role because it has a more comprehensive understanding of the problem.
A biological attack or a "dirty" nuclear bomb would mean large parts of the country being quarantined.
The pills are a common sight in homes located near nuclear reactors, but recent events and the possible threats of a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack have caused more people to take notice.
A test to determine whether a chemical or biological attack mounted from an airplane could be detected by advanced weather radar has shaken a small community south of Oklahoma City.
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