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Synonyms for bioassay

appraisal of the biological activity of a substance by testing its effect on an organism and comparing the result with some agreed standard

subject to a bio-assay

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Through this previously announced collaboration, the Arizona Cancer Center is conducting biologic assays to screen TRAP-generated compounds for pharmaceutical activity against cancer-related drug targets.
By using quantitative molecular and biologic assays, we could estimate that, under our experimental conditions, 360 genomes are approximately required to form a plaque of infectivity in vitro.
First, the biologic assays skewed the basis for comparison toward the modern drug discovery model because those assays screen mainly for illnesses faced by temperate-zone populations, and not for health problems such as malaria or tuberculosis that are far more common in the tropics where the plants grow.
The Arizona Cancer Center will conduct biologic assays to screen TRAP-generated compounds for pharmacologic activity against cancer-related drug targets.
Genmab will use its fully human antibody technology in combination with its broad antibody development capabilities, including a diverse array of biologic assays and animal disease models, to generate and test fully human antibodies to these novel disease targets.