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hazard to humans or the environment resulting from biological agents or conditions

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any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare

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Therefore, to investigate the importance of water during autoclave sterilization of infectious biohazardous waste this study aimed to compare the results of autoclaving with and without added water.
This can be a costly mistake that leads to extensive washing and flushing of supply lines if a biohazardous waste line is inadvertently connected to a reagent line heading to test vessels.
High-vacuum, high-pressure, high-temperature steam autoclave sterilization of biologically contaminated materials such as these eliminates all forms of infectious biohazardous microorganisms - viral, bacterial and fungal - including the Ebola virus.
Additionally, because the 3L flask is made from Lexan HP resin as opposed to glass, it is much less likely to break, thereby significantly lowering the risk of lab technicians being exposed to biohazardous materials that may be in the flask.
Although benzene has decent blending octane, it's the most biohazardous of the aromatics and the most aggressive toward fuel system materials.
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) events would be the most likely to generate requests for the defense support of civil authorities (DSCA); and biohazardous agents would be the most likely to initiate large-scale DSCA responses upon request.
As one of the largest waste generating industries, healthcare brings with it two very distinct waste management hurdles: an enormous volume and a wide variety of complex types of waste, such as regulated medical waste (infectious or biohazardous waste), solid, hazardous, pharmaceutical, and traditional waste.
According to the company, these compact sensors ideally are suited for medical applications such as waste, reagent, buffer or diluent as well as dark, sticky or viscous fluids, and are especially useful for vessels containing biohazardous liquids as the level monitoring is conducted from outside the sealed container.
Since the level monitoring is conducted outside the sealed container, it is useful for vessels containing biohazardous
Advantages of combined touch screen technology and text hyperlink for the pathology grossing manual: a simple approach to access instructive information in biohazardous environments.
Alabama has detailed regulations for the disposal of sharps and biohazardous material from tattoo facilities that are more stringent than biohazardous materials disposal regulations enacted by the federal government.
The health department provided recommendations to the city's parks and recreation division regarding prevention of bat roosting, procedures for inspecting and identifying potentially contaminated areas, and procedures to mitigate biohazardous sites contaminated with Histoplasma (3).
This year's winners are: Sarah Charlton, Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Security Studies, Islamic Civilizations, $12,000; Kathryn Bonnen, Michigan State University Computer Science, $6,625; Paula Koch, George Washington University, Security Policy Studies, $4,000; Kayla Hinrichs, Missouri State University (Army ROTC), Defense and Strategic Studies, $4,000; Charlotte Wygant, George Washington University (Navy ROTC), Middle Eastern Studies, $4,000; Anna Marie Pavy Georgetown University, Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases, $500.
The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (Arizona DEQ) and state Attorney General's Office announced that Star Valley Veterinary Clinic has agreed to a $65,000 settlement in a consent judgment for alleged biohazardous medical waste violations in Star Valley.
Practice Greenhealth recommends hospitals limit biohazardous waste, known as regulated medical waste, to less than 10 percent of waste production and suggests facilities maintain at least a 90 percent recycling rate for other waste types.