biohazard suit

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a loose one-piece garment worn to protect the wearer against dangerous biological or chemical agents

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Yongda Huang Harris was found wearing a bulletproof vest and traveling with a checked bag of weapons that included a biohazard suit, body bags, a hatchet, and more.
Apple released four new ads titled Biohazard Suit, Legal Copy, Stacks and Time Traveler.
I knew the situation was critical when he proceeded to delve into my handbag without the aid of a biohazard suit, popped a paracetamol, then insisted we track down an emergency dentist.
After a couple of weeks, any thief would need a full biohazard suit before they would even consider taking and driving away.
Forensic officers in protective biohazard suits cordoned off the grave of the poisoned former Russian spy's wife Lyudmila amid fears she too may have been the victim of a toxin attack.
In New Jersey on Saturday, CDC agents in biohazard suits removed a sick passenger and his daughter from a United Airlines jet from Belgium that landed at Newark Liberty International Airport.
It is unknown whether a single dose will protect fully, Schaffner says, so vaccinated health care workers will still need to don biohazard suits and take other extraordinary precautions.
Thai soldiers and volunteers wearing biohazard suits struggled to clean the oil slicks from the beaches' sand while officials said that the oil spill was affecting tourism hugely, according to Reuters.
I was a teenager when pictures of people protesting against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), many dressed in biohazard suits, hit television screens during the 1990s.
At launch, the space plane was accompanied by staff in biohazard suits, leading to speculation that there were radioactive components on board.
I came back with a bad case of jet lag but convinced myself I needed to be in quarantine with people in biohazard suits.
Summary: Police in riot gear and biohazard suits have removed anti-Wall Street activists who have been camped outside the City Hall in Los Angeles.