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Synonyms for biohazard

hazard to humans or the environment resulting from biological agents or conditions

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any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare

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Most commercially available biohazard bags are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, 1.
Licensed by the Department of Health, Bio Restore 24 is a biohazard cleaning and flood restoration company serving the entire Tampa region.
Biohazards can be effectively trapped and contained in a HEPA filter, eliminating the need to duct the air out of the building.
On one hand, the new album is the heaviest and the fastest and hardest stuff that Biohazard has ever done," Hambel said.
The verdict is clear: if you care about animals and the environment and you don't want to turn the human body into a biohazard zone, the best thing to do is help to kill off the intensive livestock industry by avoiding meat like the plague.
The bright orange color and prominent biohazard warning label vividly announces the potentially dangerous contents and aids in separating and isolating hazardous waste.
All equipment was sprayed and put into biohazard bags.
The best that doctors can do for most biohazard exposure is supportive treatment," says chemical engineer Michael D.
Are contaminated sharps disposed of in leakproof, puncture-resistant containers that are color-coded red or identified by the biohazard symbol?
In addition to its safety benefits, NeedleZap can reduce the costs of biohazard disposal.
Stone describes the reaction of star robot builder Carlo Bertocchini, whose champion Biohazard was defeated on points in an epic Battlebots fight: "He was heading home to upgrade Biohazard, to prepare for the, next tournament that fall.
In his book Biohazard, Alibek wrote that after Moscow's technology transfers, "Cuba had one of the most sophisticated genetic engineering labs in the world, capable of the advanced weapons research we were doing on our own.
said Thursday it will provide the new titles of its megahit BioHazard series exclusively to Nintendo Inc.
These symptoms match health problems sustained by laboratory staff working with toxic Pfiesteria cultures until such efforts were restricted to biohazard III containment facilities.
The university now rates Burkholder's work a Level 2 biohazard, slightly below that of AIDS and on par with rabies.