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of or relating to or being biography


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First, Smith scholars can read their subject biographically.
For anyone who assumes that a biographically based novel ought to be dedicated to the biography's subject, and who -- having not spoken to the author -- has wondered for over 200 pages who Chkaiban's real grandmother is, this might be a trifle confusing.
Biographically speaking, for all his youthful admiration of the Swinburne who was living half a mile away in London, Hardy in 1867 was scarcely someone as yet at ease with atheism, and it could be a profoundly disconcerting fact for a young man, of romantic and literary ambition, to discover that his poetic gift was so bound up, not only with disjunction, skepticism, and melancholy, but with a potentially vertiginous sense of self-loss, finitude, and contingency.
With Memphis, his first studio album in five years, Scaggs looks back musically and biographically.
Biographically, she came to academia late, and did not take the well-beaten path of swapping school for campus; thus she avoided the institutional grooming and timidification that often ensnares those who travel this path.
Whether Berg ever did plan an opera on Canetti's novel Auto-da-Fe or not, or whether Canetti was making it up, or whether Jonke concocted the whole exchange, the fact is that Canetti was given to exactly the kind of unattractive self-aggrandizement that makes his assertions in "Continents Kept Hidden" plausible both biographically and autobiographically.
To the extent that one reads his reassessment of the novel's ending biographically, the two additional lines might be interpreted as Walker acknowledging his mortality and accepting it.
For reasons outlined above, an apt choice, biographically and artistically, might be the valedictory Ninth Symphony, to which the musicologist Alain Frogley has devoted an extended compositional analysis, arguing its meticulous late-life inventiveness and technical complexity.
The sketchy islands, all squiggled intimations of water and oval coconuts, sitting atop geometric grounds of blurry neon, might be read biographically (Boninsegni was born in Korea and raised in Switzerland), as well as art-historically as a palimpsest of image culture in the Internet age.
Recognition of this integration is now a commonplace in Smith studies, but it has yet to be treated biographically.
The images and their presentation are explored in terms of how scenes were organized, biographically or chronologically, how meaning is achieved by repetition, symbolic objects, juxtaposition, and typology and why specific scenes may refer to events associated with the life of the patron; this is similarly argued (143) for the Psalter of Queen Ingeborg (Chantilly, Mus.
The kin-group or descent group is corporate in structure, larger in life than that world encompassed biographically by the individual, and religious worship tends to reinforce this larger corporate identity as well as the individual's identity in relation to it.
Biographically, 47% of the suitable responses were obtained from females; the average age of the selected sample was 27 years while the average work experience was 3.
6) Little has actually been written biographically about prairie boosters.
The best introduction to James Joyce scholarship available, John McCourt's James Joyce in Context draws together thirty two essays that frame the author's works biographically, critically, and historically.