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of or relating to or being biography


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And then, without rhyme or reason, all sceptical, my mind flew back to a small biographical note in the red-bound Who's Who, and I said to myself, "She was born in Cambridge, and she is twenty-seven years old.
He mentioned the names and titles of all the guests, giving biographical sketches of the principal people.
Then, Mr Wegg, in a dry unflinching way, entered on his task; going straight across country at everything that came before him; taking all the hard words, biographical and geographical; getting rather shaken by Hadrian, Trajan, and the Antonines; stumbling at Polybius (pronounced Polly Beeious, and supposed by Mr Boffin to be a Roman virgin, and by Mrs Boffin to be responsible for that necessity of dropping it); heavily unseated by Titus Antoninus Pius; up again and galloping smoothly with Augustus; finally, getting over the ground well with Commodus: who, under the appellation of Commodious, was held by Mr Boffin to have been quite unworthy of his English origin, and 'not to have acted up to his name' in his government of the Roman people.
In compliance with this custom--unquestionably a bad one --we subjoin a few biographical words, in relation to the party at Mr.
The increase in biographical writing since 1989 is all the more apparent: Hart lists 2,793, Ford approximately 21,560 biographical entries.
The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie: A Biographical Companion to the Works of Agatha Christie.
That said, it is not really the intent of this study to disseminate the student essay, to discuss at length the merits of the monster's self actualization, or lack thereof, or to assess the inherent biographical dysfunction that Mary Shelley may or may not have contributed to her novel; it merely recognizes and appreciates the potential for extraordinary alternative cross- disciplinary perspectives within our classroom and with our colleagues.
The first chapter of Writing America Black is primarily concerned with Pauline Hopkins's biographical journalism at the turn of the century, the second with the differing journalistic and sociological accounts of the 1919 Chicago race riot, the third with the dialectic between the poetry and journalism of Melvin Tolson, and the fourth with the white journalists and celebrities who contributed to the "If I Were a Negro" column that ran in Negro Digest from 1942 to 1946.
In this slim volume of only 100 pages, the author has combined biographical information, stories from Scripture, and guidelines for personal spiritual development into an extremely readable and enjoyable work.
Extensive cross-references direct readers to entries on related topics, which include astronomical societies, major observatories, and biographical information about key astronomers.
Those expecting yet another standard biographical treatment of Mendelssohn will be pleasantly surprised by this thorough exploration of Mendelssohn--the man and the musician.
What he fails to do is adequately edit the reams of biographical material - co-adapted by Nevil and director Ted Snyder.
Edwards rises to his best when writing of Donne's life and times: his learning, wit, and writing style shine through the biographical chapters, making these the most engaging and enjoyable of his work.
Heretofore the author of short stories, George Thomas Clark's 637-page biographical novel Hitler Here documents his ability to carry an extended and complex plot focused upon Adolf Hilter, his friends and his subordinates.
Spirited Men is inherently fascinating reading and Brian Doyle is an expert in telling the individual and dramatically different biographical stories that give the reader clues as to how to me a good man, to search for love, and to be capable of spirituality in a complicated world.