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someone who writes an account of a person's life

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Martyrdom made a saint of the trivial and foolish Marie Antoinette, and her biographers still keep her fragrant with the odor of sanctity to this day, while unconsciously proving upon almost every page they write that the only calamitous instinct which her husband lacked, she supplied--the instinct to root out and get rid of an honest, able, and loyal official, wherever she found him.
I have been listening attentively to your narrative of my adventures," replied the chair; "and it must be owned that your correctness entitles you to be held up as a pattern to biographers.
Of middle height, rather lean than otherwise, he had deep-set eyes, a mean appearance, his hair was coarse, black and thin, which, say the biographers of his time, made him take early to the skull-cap.
His life's changes are almost entirely inward ones; it falls into broad, untroubled, perhaps somewhat monotonous, spaces; his biographers have very little to tell.
Another Shakespeare biographer, Professor Stanley Wells, actually praises the Greenblatt biography on the cover for being "deeply imaginative.
In the first, she investigates the presence of the biographer in the text; the difficulty of determining the reliability of evidence; problems with the "magisterial" voice of the biographer; the challenge of treating personality without over-psychologizing the subject; the risk of biographer obsession with the story; and the degree to which biography can be reliably understood as a cultural map for a particular time and place.
95, 400 pages, ISBN 9781101871690), Atlas recounts his lifelong adventures as a biographer.
In the Channel 5 documentary Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors last night, the princess's biographer Tina Brown said: "The children couldn't understand why everything was as normal, except a couple of hours earlier they'd been told their mother had died.
I was rendered speechless, not only in chagrin over the stories she had evidently resolved not to tell me, but also because her misunderstanding of what biography is all about left me unable to let her know that it was precisely "gossip" that the biographer seeks.
When a literary biographer travels to Venice in search of the love letters of the deceased American poet Jeffrey Aspern, he learns that the letters' owner is an unpleasant elderly woman, living alone save for her emotionally neglected niece.
As a biographer you are the storyteller of someone else's life, and you find a narrative thread that makes sense.
In the case of Hemingway, the biographer is building upon and competing with other biographers and memoirists, as well as with the public persona that, in the last two decades of Hemingway's life especially, acquired a life of its own.
In Einstein: His Space and Time, biographer Steven Gimbel tackles these and other fundamental aspects of Einstein's life and work.
To be a biographer you must tie yourself up in lies, concealments, hypocrisies.
Adventures in the Art and Politics of Biography, (1) Carl Rollyson explores the complex relationships that develop, not only between the biographer and her subject, but also among the subject's estates, lovers, publicists, family and friends.