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of or relating to or involved with biogeography

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Thy nature of this study was because of the biogeographically highly epidemic outbreak of leishmaniasis disease in the study area.
Lungfish tooth plates are biogeographically widespread throughout Late Jurassic to middle Cretaceous strata in North America, but are nonetheless uncommon at any one site (Kirkland 1987).
billcollinsi) appear to occur widely in wild and captive great apes in Africa with some variation between chimpanzee subspecies from biogeographically distinct sites.
The Mediterranean region is geographically and ecologically heterogeneous (Quezel, 1985; Thompson, 2005) and is a difficult area to characterize because its political delineation does not coincide with any of its bioclimatic, biogeographically or floristic outlines.
From these diverse assemblages, nine species are of great importance, either biostratigraphically or biogeographically, or are rare Great Plains taxa.
These models have resulted in all sorts of contradictory centers of origin and imaginary migrations for primates that are biogeographically unnecessary and incompatible with ecological evidence," he added.
Biogeographically, the presence of species such as Leptopelis flavomaculatus, Hyperolius puncticulatus (Pfeffer, 1893) and Thelotornis mossambicanus (Bocage, 1895) that are present in the typical coastal forest of Arabuko-Sokoke provide an evidence that Kitobo forest species has close affinities with coastal forests (Drewes 1992, Chira 1993, Howell 1993, Schi0tz 1999, Spawls et al.
The genus is important phylogenetically and biogeographically, as it occurs in the upper Rio Mezquital, disjunct from remaining members of the Goodeinae, and according to recent analyses, is the sister group to all other goodeines.
A review of research in Nova Scotia and Maine indicates that key habitat components vary seasonally and biogeographically and that a mix of components within ranging distances are required to meet annual and life history needs, especially for cows (Prescott 1968, Cioffi 1981, Leptich 1986, Thompson 1987, Miller 1989, Brannen 2004).
While some localities host numerous relict species (see Discussion), other sites are relatively poor in biogeographically and ecologically interesting spiders.
Biogeographically, the northwestern corner of San Matias Gulf is an enclave where populations of several warm-temperate species live in apparent isolation, southward from their normal range of distribution.
Mesquite and catclaw community--nested within Mojave desert scrub biogeographically but managed at the ecosystem level, the mesquite and catclaw community provides habitat for 11 covered species.