biogeographical region

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an area of the Earth determined by distribution of flora and fauna

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The oceans and coastal areas bordering South Africa can be divided into three biogeographical regions based on different species assemblages and hydrological characteristics (Fig.
The Monte and Prepuna are clearly more related to the Chaco than to the Puna, at least from the genus perspective, and their placement in the Chaco biogeographical region (Cabrera's Dominium) seems correct.
But is a biogeographical region, or technological paradigm (or national defense for that matter), really indivisible?
2] in the Humid Chaco biogeographical region and is characterized by areas of grasslands and forests.
The largest savanna ecosystem in South America and the second largest biogeographical region in Brazil, the cerrado covers 25 percent of the country.
Columnea is the most diverse genus of the neotropical Gesneriaceae with more than 205 species (Moller & Clark 2013), and more than 80 species in Colombia, with the Choco biogeographical region contributing ca.
However given this species occurrence in Trinidad these distributional records are not surprising especially since El Rincon is located within a biogeographical region which shows strong affinities with the island of Trinidad (Neild 1996).
El Bagual Ecological Reserve is a 3,462 hectare protected area located in the Chaco Biogeographical Region of northeastern Argentina (Formosa province).
The project will reintroduce the fire-bellied toad to selected project areas (on the basis of genetic analysis) in order to re-establish populations in the Atlantic biogeographical region.
This combination of factors is recurrent in the Mediterranean biogeographical region sensu RIVAS-MARTINEZ (2004), where, due to its complex geology, there are several belts of ophiolitic rocks placed in allochthonous position by thrust faults, representing ancient distension basins (CAVAZZA & al.
Tumaco belongs to the Choco Biogeographical Region, which exhibits high levels of diversity and endemism (Garcia-Kirkbride 1986; Gentry 1986).
Within the Tropical Andes biogeographical region, percentages of genera with superior ovaries are: Costa Rica , Panama, and Venezuela, 29%; Colombia, 21%; Ecuador and Peru, 18%; and Bolivia, 22%.
Background : The first country report on the implementation of Natura 2000 in Hungary and the situation of species and habitats of community interest highlight that the conservation status of certain water-related and forest habitats is unfavorable or bad in the Pannonian biogeographical region Hungary is belonging to.