biogeographical region

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an area of the Earth determined by distribution of flora and fauna

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The oceans and coastal areas bordering South Africa can be divided into three biogeographical regions based on different species assemblages and hydrological characteristics (Fig.
Altitudinal Distribution of Vaccinieae in the Tropical Andes Biogeographical Region
The fifth species, the Banded Ground-cuckoo (Neomorphus radiolosus, Cuculidae), is endemic to the Choco Biogeographical Region, which encompasses 100,000 [km.
Background: Around 2 200 wild vascular plant species occur in Hungary within the Pannonian biogeographical region a region rich in biodiversity and endemic species.
Objectives: The main objective of the project is to safeguard and to restore some SCIs of particular importance to the conservation of the priority habitat 1120 *Posidonia beds in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Mediterranean Biogeographical Region.
Background: This ambitious project covers all of the SCI/SPA areas of riparian and wetland habitats located in the Mediterranean Biogeographical Region of Castilla y LeEn.
The project aims to consolidate the Natura 2000 network in both countries by restoring habitats that are typical for the sedimentary coasts of the Atlantic biogeographical region, and by boosting the populations of species of Community interest.
sessilifolia were classified according to the biogeographical regions and provinces proposed by Morrone (2006) and to the South American ecoregions from Olson et al.
In view of the recently reported multifarious role of arbuscular mycorrhizas (AM) in plant invasions, as documented below in this review, large scale exploration of invasive plants from diverse habitat types in different biogeographical regions needs to be undertaken for determining the extent and type of their AM association.
The National Estuarine Research Reserve System, administered by NOAA's Marine and Estuarine Management Division, includes unique sites representative of biogeographical regions of the country.
mitratus are rather similar to species known from other biogeographical regions.
Italy s central region of Umbria hosts transitional areas located between the Mediterranean and Continental biogeographical regions.