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of or relating to or involved with biogeography

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The nesting of Potamometroides from Madagascar within a clade of otherwise Asian and Malesian taxa calls for attention from a biogeographical perspective.
Interestingly, the 2 Euryades species occur mainly in habitats in the biogeographical provinces of the Chaco and the Pampa (sensu Morrone 2006), which are characterized by very harsh environmental conditions, especially during summer, with very scarce food sources for both immature and adult forms.
Biogeographical outline of epiphytic lichens in a Mediterraneanarea: Calabria (S-Italy).
Biogeographical affinities of the New Caledonian biota: a puzzle with 24 pieces.
Three of the new localities appear to represent part of a disjunct northern population in a biogeographical province where the species was previously unknown.
Takagi (2011) concluded that the Kerama Gap may have acted as a biogeographical barrier and contributed to the differentiation between the two geographically isolated owl populations (e.
This is largely because some species show transitional biogeographical trends between eastern and western North American faunas whereas other ectoparasite species collected are widespread throughout much of North America or in the New World.
The Sierra de Huautla area is an important biogeographical zone within south-central Mexico and a conservation priority area (Arriaga et al.
We investigate the biogeographical history of the species-rich Sundaic freshwater crab genus Parathelphusa (family Gecarcinucidae).
Diversity, substrata divisions, and biogeographical affinities of land snails at Bad Branch State Nature Preserve, Letcher County, Kentucky.
Therefore, our results suggest that, regardless of biogeographical differences between analyzed basins, the temporal pattern of variation in species composition is determined by the same factor (altitude), corroborating other characteristics of these communities (e.
Metabolic rate and growth in the temperate bivalve Mercenaria mercenaria at a biogeographical limit, from the English Channel.
In naturally occurring populations the concentration of the major constituents of the essential oil can be linked to biogeographical conditions.
Richly illustrated with high quality images, this biogeographical guide book introduces the oft overlooked islands by exploring both the forces that created them and the rare and unique plants and animals that call them home.