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dealing with the geographical distribution of animals and plants

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Widespread Indo-Pacific shore-fish species: a challenger for taxonomists, biogeographers, ecologists, and fishery and conservation managers.
Widespread Indo-Pacific shore-fish species: a challenge for taxonomists, biogeographers, ecologists and fishery and conservation managers.
Since most biogeographers refer to grasslands as either short grass or tall grass a brief description of the areas included is necessary.
Marsh conditions, with vegetation growing in standing water, prevailed around the shallow edges of the lake and became more extensive as the processes of sedimentation and plant invasion that ecologists and biogeographers know as hydric or hydrosere succession continued.
Human Settlement and Biota of Islands" the papers include the problems in island differentiation caused by island biogeographers, the archeological record of births in Britain and Ireland, human interference on Ascension island, the effects of ocean fishing, the mesolithic-neolithic transition in the Channel Islands, a study of post-beaker burial on the Isle of Harris, and changes in land use in agriculture and forestry in Ireland, East Anglia and the Atlantic islands.
not only for taxonomists and biogeographers but also for the efficient
Wells' The Grisly Folk, the most straightforward, is a narrative representation of Boule's and Keith's views of Neanderthals as a dead-end side-branch of humanity, combined with ideas of invasion and extinction derived from biogeographers such as Alfred Wallace and William Matthew (Bowler 1995:189).