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Synonyms for biogenesis

production of a chemical compound by a living organism


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the production of living organisms from other living organisms

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become a human in the abstract) or go "beyond Black or White" to some sort of unanchored humanism (racially-culturally speaking) including an alleged mixed-race state of biogenetically betwixt-and-between (an idea disputed in Azibo, 2014).
Ahni Huang, who was biogenetically augmented at birth, as well as being empathic (she can read other people's intentions), has been sent to Platform New York Up to find her brother's murderer.
She needed a cheaper alternative and an organ from a person who was, she felt, biogenetically "closer" to herself, preferably a kidney from a black person.
The relative balance of structural activity in the brain, which is biogenetically and developmentally determined during critical periods early in the person's life, may shape his or her temperament, and susceptibility to emotional pathology and dysfunction when under duress from interpersonal conflicts and crises (Bates & Wachs, 1994; Cohen, 1994; Goldsmith, Buss, & Lemery, 1997; Leckman & Cohen, 1999; Siegel, 1999).
Structure of Juncunone: A biogenetically intriguing molecule from the marsh plant Juncus roemerianus.
Biogenetically engineered products for agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical and other commercial applications are the new world order "gold mines," and they are the new reasons why transnational corporations want access to lands and natural resources - and even to human genes.