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Synonyms for biogenesis

production of a chemical compound by a living organism


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the production of living organisms from other living organisms

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Neuss, Indole and Biogenetically Related Alkaloids, Academic Press, New York, Chapter 17 (1980).
This fact pedestals the Eurasian psyche's thoroughly compensatory consciousness of itself as biogenetically white as the foundation for TEP.
Consubstantiation in Ka necessarily provides a biogenetically based impetus for xenophillia and collective, transpersonal orientation in human nature.
Indole and biogenetically related alkaloids (Academic Press, London), pp: 293-313.
Nevertheless, this thin-ideal shape portrayed in the media is biogenetically difficult, if not impossible, for the majority of women to obtain (Banks, 1992).
Ahni Huang, who was biogenetically augmented at birth, as well as being empathic (she can read other people's intentions), has been sent to Platform New York Up to find her brother's murderer.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse" found Alice biogenetically enhanced by Umbrella Corp.
The relative balance of structural activity in the brain, which is biogenetically and developmentally determined during critical periods early in the person's life, may shape his or her temperament, and susceptibility to emotional pathology and dysfunction when under duress from interpersonal conflicts and crises (Bates & Wachs, 1994; Cohen, 1994; Goldsmith, Buss, & Lemery, 1997; Leckman & Cohen, 1999; Siegel, 1999).
Structure of Juncunone: A biogenetically intriguing molecule from the marsh plant Juncus roemerianus.
In the early 1990s, the group moved into a new facility, intended to support development of biogenetically engineered products as well as conventional synthetics.
Mellon claims that although the FDA does have a policy of labeling biogenetically engineered foods, it is one that caters to the biotech companies themselves.
A product of the new technologies, such as a computer program, an integrated circuit design, or even a biogenetically altered organism may thus bear its know-how on its face, a condition that renders it as vulnerable to rapid appropriation by second-comers as any published literary or artistic work.