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production of a chemical compound by a living organism


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the production of living organisms from other living organisms

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A: One of the fundamental problems with the biogenetic account of mental illness --and the Human Genome Project has proven hardly any condition has a genetic basis--is that it doesn't accept that the early years are absolutely critical in preventing the development of a 'mentally ill' or emotionally distressed adult.
Yusuf Hannun, is the Vice Dean of Stony Brook University School of Medicine Cancer Center and Director of the Stony Brook institute for cancer, won the prize of the Basic Sciences in the biogenetic category.
While the main premise of a world where travel to major cities is regulated is intriguing, things get way too complex and oddly dull when the story turns to biogenetic encoding and cloning.
Yet that ambivalent zigzag is one of the most radical consequences of feminism as thought practice and, I believe, anticipates the likely trajectory of the next great intellectual revolution, the biogenetic one.
In their eagerness to reduce the stigma and increase the authenticity of kinship made socially, many participants in modern adoption held that institution up to the mirror of biogenetic nature, denying what is surely the most obvious thing about adoption: it is a different way to make a family.
P&E Associates, an independent pharmaceutical and biogenetic survey organization, is working in partnership with the National Human Genome Institute at Howard University and the African-American Hereditary Prostate Cancer Study Network to locate at least 100 study participants by March 31.
But the film does deliver a message of sorts: The nontraditional neo-nuclear family of the 1990s, which embodies in the biogenetic diversity of its children the varied and liberated romantic pasts of its parents, is transferred to the 1940s, where it is comfortably situated within the American grain.
This area needs the dynamic, quality leadership Taylor provides," said Peter Allison, founder of BioGenetic Ventures.
This issued patent covers methods for utilizing a monoclonal antibody, MH-1, (American Biogenetic also owns patent rights to the monoclonal antibody, MH-1, and its use) in conjunction with a cytotoxic reagent for the treatment of malignant and benign tumors containing fibrin.
This of course further reduces biogenetic diversity, setting up a system of dependency on and control by multinational corporations.
in Mexico, with adverse conservation and biogenetic effects.
Breakthroughs in biogenetic engineering, medical research, nanotechnology, space travel, and especially the information-computer revolution are transforming the globe in economic, social, political, and moral terms.
TpP was determined with a monoclonal sandwich ELISA provided by American Biogenetic Sciences (2).
ROBERT LAMB: We're focusing on broad themes: outsourcing; computer networking and database management; managed care and cost containment; global trade and telecommunications; leisure and retirement planning; privatization and deregulation; financial empowerment; biogenetic engineering; resourced management; and virtual reality.
In Mimesis and the Human Animal: On the Biogenetic Foundations of Literary Representation Robert Storey's expertise in both biology and literature provides the basis for his trenchant critique of widely held poststrncturalist beliefs, while the bulk of his study is devoted to developing an innovative alternative framework for literary study based on evolutionary biology and the behavioral sciences.