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Synonyms for biogenesis

production of a chemical compound by a living organism


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the production of living organisms from other living organisms

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BioGenesis Health Cluster, the leading healthcare think tank in India today announced the launch of its 3-day agenda packed conferences in Bengaluru.
Platelet BioGenesis disclosed on Thursday that it has raised USD10m under its Series A financing agreement.
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha (PGC-1a) is a protein encoded by the PPARGC1a gene, which is involved in mitochondrial biogenesis, fatty acid oxidation, glucose utilization, thermogenesis, angiogenesis and muscle fiber-type conversion toward slow-twitch type I fibers (Ahmetov and Rogozkin, 2009).
Genetic approaches to studying mammalian peroxisome biogenesis
TDRD2 is critical for piRNA biogenesis in the germline with Miwi protein.
Indeed, Biogenesis approximates Wordsworth's "thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears" or the Japanese Yugen.
They discovered that the 6 RBPs that make up SSUP mediate 18S rRNA biogenesis in turn making them important regulators for pluripotent cells.
But he apparently did not want to face questions from media about his latest involvement with PEDs -- although he could be required to testify in federal court if his cousin, Yuri Sucart, and former University of Miami pitching coach Lazaro Collazo go to trial on charges they committed crimes in their involvement with the Biogenesis of America drug clinic.
Resveratrol was found to increase the expression of a regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis and reduce regulatory T-cell apoptosis.
Additionally, the nitric oxide and nuclear respiratory factor 1 levels were significantly increased by paeoniflorin, suggesting that paeoniflorin may induce mitochondrial biogenesis.
We now know quite a lot about their biogenesis, their modes of action, and their roles in a wide variety of biological processes (1).
The topics include mitochondial DNA genetics and the heteroplasmy conundrum in evolution and disease, mitochondrial biogenesis through the activation of nuclear signaling proteins, mechanism of mitochondrial fission and fusion, altered sulfide metabolism in ethylmalonic encephalopathy, and the relevance of mitochondial genetics and metabolism in cancer development.
Rodriguez filed the medical lawsuit a day after suing MLB and baseball Commissioner Bud Selig in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan, accusing them of orchestrating a "witch hunt" intended to force him out of baseball as part of its investigation of the now-closed Biogenesis of America anti-aging clinic in Florida.