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a vitamin that maintains the resistance of cell and capillary walls to permeation

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Using a proprietary process, our Propol 2000 [R] is lab-tested and certified to contain a minimum of 8% bioflavinoids.
Bioflavinoids: anthocyanins (blue-black fruits), and citrus bioflavinoids (lemons.
Finally, she suggested that the patient's current vitamin C formula be replaced by one including C with bioflavinoids, which allows for more complete vitamin C absorption by increasing absorption rates, while protecting capillary structure and collagen synthesis.
One of these substances is bioflavinoids (vitamins that maintain the resistance of cell and capillary walls).
Now researchers are optimistic about the benefits of supplements such as alpha lipoic acid, bioflavinoids, co-enzyme Q10, flaxseed oil, ginkgo, melatonin, pycnogenol, soy, green tea, vitamins A, B6 and D, folic acid, kinetin, copper peptides, amino peptides, kojic acid, DMAE, human and plant growth factors, vitamin K, grape seed extract and alpha-, beta- and polyhydroxy acid.
The main ones are fatty acids (omega fish oil, flaxseed oil) to harmonise the immune system, a good multivitamin, garlic to raise immunity levels, bioflavinoids (found in fruit and vegetable supplements) for energy and to act as anti-viral agents, and grapeseed extract as a free-radical fighting antioxidant.
Generally, I recommend patients consume organic food, juice whenever possible and use a variety of vitamins (A, B's, E and C often to bowel tolerance), minerals, nutrients (especially L-glutamine and phosphatidyl choline), essential fatty acids, gamma orizanol, bioflavinoids like quercitin and antioxidants (coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, glutathione and ginkgo biloba).
Using a proprietary process, our Propol 2000[R] is lab-tested and certified to contain a minimum of 8% bioflavinoids.
Hi C Tea: A refreshing blend, Hi C Tea provides the bioflavinoids and vitamin C in an organic base so all the nutrients are readily available for assimilation.