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the branch of ethics that studies moral values in the biomedical sciences

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Dr Drees said that the field of contemporary Islamic bioethics was the main focus of the conference in order to elucidate the possibility of having a rich and intriguing mode of encounter between Islam and the West.
It is this embedded nature of our fellowship that we suggest would make for a strong fellowship training in medical humanities and bioethics, for it not only provides a greater understanding of science for us, but also engenders multidisciplinary research projects that few of us had contemplated, like the one on the Dickey-Wicker Amendment.
They also want to advocate for the role of the social sciences in bioethics, question the predominance of analytic philosophy in bioethics, and broaden the concerns of bioethics from narrowly medical issues to include more broadly social issues.
It also discussed the application for cooperation between the National Bioethics Committee and the Lebanese Bioethics Committee.
The participants suggested to establish a department of Bioethics at college of Medicine and Health Sciences.
His experience in a variety of academic disciplines, as well as in hospitals and other medical settings, make him the ideal person to lead our Bioethics Institute into the future.
A number of well-regarded experts in the fields of theology, bioethics and Shariah will partake in the seminar.
German Protestant pastor Jahr coined the phrase bioethics in 1927 as an alternative to Kant's anthropocentric Categorical Imperative.
An informal Bioethics Unit was established in the Department of Medicine to serve as a resource for the Faculty.
Reflecting on the way contemporary theories of bioethics produce accounts of liberal institutions that could govern, we might note:
It was therefore with great pleasure that I read John Evans's careful analysis and thoughtful description of the social and political construction of the professional activity called bioethics.
It will offer bioethics education and crisis intervention free to the community.
If you thought the President's Council on Bioethics was merely holding a national referendum on the moral status of the early embryo when it addressed the question of research on cloned embryos, and still could only come up with a divided opinion, think again.
A federal bioethics panel wants Congress to ban attempts to create a human being by cloning, but the group stops short of prohibiting research on cloned human embryos.
Clinton announced a $200,000 planning grant to allow Tuskegee University to help establish a Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care.