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electric phenomena in animals or plants

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The team's success in fixing an abnormality with bioelectricity indicates that ion channel drugs could treat birth defects or degenerative brain disease.
An assessment of biomass for bioelectricity and biofuel and for greenhouse gas emission reduction in Australia.
Forward vertical integration is by far the most common strategy in bioelectricity production.
One study published in a 1991 issue of the Journal of Bioelectricity demonstrated that some people have more sensitivity to electromagnetic fields than others.
The European Union (EU) and Brazil will sign an agreement with Mozambique to develop bioelectricity and biofuels projects, officials said.
Canada) cover the anatomy and physiology of muscle, bioelectricity and biophysical principles, EMG tools, and force-fatigue relations, with many diagrams of electrical circuits and the progression of electrical impulses.
Scottish distillery to make bioelectricity from whisky by-product: Scotland's Bruichladdich Distillery--located on the island of Islay, plans to build an anaerobic digester to convert thousands of tonnes of yeasty waste into methane gas, which will be burned to make electricity.
Regardless of the fuel source, the researchers found that bioelectricity was the most efficient option.
Second, they examined offsets to greenhouse gas emissions for ethanol and bioelectricity.
Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira of the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Itajuba in Minas Gerais, Brazil now produces 16 percent of its total energy needs from bioethanol (made from sugarcane) and bioelectricity (made from bagasse, a sugarcane residue).
Instead, the Brazilian optimists have kept patiently to the slow Tortoise-like race that is destined for sure victory and success based on keen observation, repeated experimentation and scientific argumentation of certainty from mastering the best sustainable knowledge, technology and lucrative business about sugarcane and its advanced products like bioethanol and other co-products like bioelectricity that are becoming more demandable in the contemporary supply and consumption markets.
Along with its 116 member companies, UNICA provides information on the sector, including statistics and specific research, and enters into dialogue with stakeholders in support of Brazil's sugarcane, ethanol and bioelectricity sectors.
The share of competitive power sources like wind generators, combined power plants and bioelectricity (broadly speaking "soft" electricity) will be 20 per cent.
Martinsen, Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics, Academic Press, New York, 78 (2000).
Bioelectricity, vaccination, X-rays, inkjet printers (in an accident involving a soldering iron and a pen), Post-It notes, the chemical structure of cyclic compounds, Bose-Einstein statistics, and major concepts such as the nature of gravitation (Isaac Newton's apple falling from a tree) and specific gravity (Archimedes' observation of the way his body displaced water from his bath), were either discovered or inspired by serendipitous events.