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electric phenomena in animals or plants

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Growing interest in using sugar cane straw to produce 2G ethanol and/or bioelectricity has raised concerns about the effects of the removal of crop residues from the field in relation to the sustainability of sugar cane agroecosystems (Leal et al.
Fabrication and operation of a novel membrane-less microbial fuel cell as a bioelectricity generator.
MFCs are the devices which have been used for the production of bioelectricity with the help of microorganism utilizing the various organic matters (Lovley, 2012).
The wastewater was supplemented with various industrial byproducts like Molasses (MOL) and Distillery spent wash (DSW) for providing nutritional substrates for generation of bioelectricity.
Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal is a weak bioelectricity of brain cells group, which can be recorded by placing the available electrodes on the scalp or intracranial detect.
The low participation in projects aimed at ethanol development is of great relevance due to the importance of biofuels and of the bioelectricity potential, especially because of the strategic relevance of second-generation ethanol for procurement of a green energy matrix.
The red pill wakes Neo to the reality that the world he has "lived in" is merely a computer simulation, with humans actually sustained in liquid vats tied into a vast system harvesting their heat and bioelectricity.
Yet discoveries of bioelectricity challenged vitalism.
The bioelectricity generated from sugarcane bagasse has gained importance as a product in Brazilian power plants (MARTINES FILHO et al.
Regenerative medicine could take advantage of cells' reliance on bioelectricity to grow new tissue to replace missing or damaged organs, Levin says.
2009) Bioelectricity and microcurrent therapy for tissue healing - a narrative review.
CMOS-compatible nanowire sensor arrays for detection of cellular bioelectricity.
A microbial fuel cell-electro-oxidation system for coking wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 85: 621-627.
1982) report that electric stimulation with microcurrents can speed up ATP synthesis, stimulate transmembrane amino acid transport at the lesion site, reestablish bioelectricity in the tissue, promote a reduction of the inflammatory process, a decrease in pain and an acceleration of the remodeling process.
Another trend is the microbial decomposition of paper waste to carbon dioxide and bioelectricity.