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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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Assessment of body composition in peritoneal dialysis patients using bioelectrical impedance and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.
Body fat percentage (BF%) was estimated by bioelectrical impedance analysis using Diagnostic Scale BG55 (Beurer, Germany).
Despite these limitations, this study establishes the independent survival prediction ability of muscle mass as measured by bioelectrical impedance in older adults, using data from a large, nationally representative cohort," Drs.
Body fat measurement by bioelectrical impedance and air displacement plethysmography: a cross-validation study to design bioelectrical impedance equations in Mexican adults.
Bioelectrical impedance to estimate changes in hydration status.
Relationship of bioelectrical impedance parameters to nutrition and survival in peritoneal dialysis patients.
The present study was designed to generate and compare normative cross-sectional distributions of bioelectrical impedance properties in early pregnancy, late pregnancy, and at three months postpartum in a cohort of women with viable pregnancies or live infants at the time of analysis in a typical rural setting in northern Bangladesh.
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) has the potential for wide application in fisheries as a tool to quickly and accurately perform a number of physiologically important field measurements.
Measurements of body composition were performed using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), with the InBody 720 Tetrapolar 8Point Tactile Electrode System (Biospace Co.
A previous study suggested using bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA) in the clinical evaluation of volume balance.
Evaluation of two foot-to-foot bioelectrical impedance analysers to assess body composition in overweight and obese adolescents.
Objective: To compare three different body fats estimation equations using skin fold measurements with bioelectrical impedance analysis.
Of the various methods available to assess BFP, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technique is practical, inexpensive, relatively easy to use in large field studies and reliable for evaluating body fatness in children.
Bioelectrical impedance assay to monitor changes in cell shape during apoptosis.
height, weight, and percent body fat) was determined by the bioelectrical impedance method using a standardized body composition analyzer (bioelectrical impedance analyzer, ioi 353, Jawon Medical, Korea).