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break down naturally through the action of biological agents

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Three specific issues are addressed in this study: 1) the identification of the primary substrate supporting the energy needs of the microorganisms biodegrading the xenobiotic compounds; 2) adaptation, or the period of time required before the newly introduced compounds are biodegraded; and 3) the extent of biodegradation possible within a process used in water treatment.
Food and beverage container plastics will carry clear labeling that ensures they meet current ASTM standards by disintegrating and biodegrading swiftly and safely in a commercial or municipal composting facility.
Medical studies have observed these fibers in the lungs of smokers and that they not only resist biodegrading, but that they remain coated in tobacco tar, which contains carcinogens.
Glacier Tek's RPCM(TM) Cool Vest maintains a dry, comfortable 59 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 2 1/2 hours in a 100 degrees Fahrenheit environment, and is about 10 times less toxic than ordinary table salt, biodegrading faster than sugar.