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break down naturally through the action of biological agents

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ASTM testing shows EcoPure biodegrades normal plastic products in a short period of time, relative to regular plastic products.
1%) of respondents said plastic will biodegrade underground, in home compost, in landfills, or in the ocean (plastic will not biodegrade in any of these environments).
PBHB biodegrades both aerobically and anaerobically (e.
Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags on the surface of a landfill will biodegrade faster than those at the bottom because of available oxygen, said Pryce.
5% of the litter, which the MCS said was particularly worrying as plastic never biodegrades.
Chemicals from the bags cause turtles to biodegrade.
PLA-based nonwovens' ability to disintegrate or biodegrade can be classified into two process types.
In contrast, a ring that Pavlath has made out of feather keratin and other natural proteins takes just 10 to 12 days to biodegrade.
Wisconsin-based Fiskars ups the Earth Day ante with a soaker made of 65 percent recycled tire rubber, a good thing considering tires don't biodegrade and generally wreak havoc at landfills.
When an engine was worn out, it would fall off the car and biodegrade into humus and useful nutrients.
This allows the midsoles and outsoles of the styles, when exposed to the moisture and heat typical of landfills, to biodegrade in 20 years as opposed to the industry average of 1,000 years.
It takes up to 500 years for disposable diapers to biodegrade.
According to Wells Plastics, plastic treated with Reverte will biodegrade but will take longer.
All Pangea products begin to biodegrade within 48 hours of use, and come in recycled and recyclable packaging.
While it is stable even in hot water, it will biodegrade in aquatic, soil, and composting environments.