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capable of being decomposed by e.g. bacteria

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Cette tolerance face aux composes toxiques peut rendre inadequats les parametres cinetiques mesures pour des cultures en suspension lors de la modelisation de la biodegradation par granules aerobies.
In addition, the metabolic products as a result of heavy oil biodegradation were investigated.
Some landfills are now being designed to promote biodegradation through the injection of water, oxygen or microbes.
Increased retention time within treatment plants, chlorination, ozonation, and the natural reduction of a compound's mass or concentration over time due to processes such as biodegradation all increase the removal of some drugs from wastewater; more advanced treatments such as adding activated carbon or reverse osmosis can remove even more.
Willow Ridge offers extensive data showing physical-property losses that are said to correlate with biodegradation.
A mathematical model is developed to simulate the dynamics of the biodegradation of low-solubility hydrocarbons in the presence of soils and surfactants.
4) tested the biodegradation of polyurethanes by in vitro exposure to enzymes.
On other pages, he dismisses biodegradability as a red herring served up by journalists, saying biodegradation creates dangerous landfill conditions and that the solution to roadside litter is to pick it up or prevent it.
Tenders are invited for Delivery of equipment under contract DFNI-E02 / 13 for financing the project FNI E 02/37 with the theme "New environmental technologies for biodegradation of organic waste with the production of hydrogen and methane," set for funding on the basis of conducted by the Fund "Scientific research "Competition for research funding in priority areas-2014" with a lot - Scissor mill steel knives with the following minimum requirements: Ability sampling from 300 ml to 1 liter.
These conditions indicated that the MBC had grown and adapted to fit well with its surroundings and was ready for use in the biodegradation of pollutants.
After introducing the concept and nature of biopolymers, he discusses biodegradation, reuse, disposal, physical recycling, chemical recycling, degradability on demand, developments and trends in patenting, regulatory aspects framework, and economic evaluation and environmental impacts.
An ongoing study of biodegradation rates of polymers has led to the development of a new ASTM International standard, ASTM D7473, Test Method for Weight Attrition of Plastic Materials in the Marine Environment by Open System Aquarium Incubations.
BioSphere is truly unique not only in the way they enhance the biodegradation of plastic, but also the cost effectiveness of their offering.
The biodegradation of the Meseta coffee capsule starts when it has been removed from the packaging and used.