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capable of being decomposed by e.g. bacteria

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The biodegradable plastic market needs to create more consumer awareness about their products and provide details on how their items need to be disposed of in order for them to complete their life-cycle," advised Watson.
A plastic material can be biodegradable without being compostable; i.
ECM is a relatively new firm that tailors a range of biodegradable masterbatches for PE and PP films, extruded sheet, bottles, and injection moldings.
Desilets says her group is focusing on polylactic and polyglycolic acids as scaffolding materials because these polymers have a 30-year history of sale use as biodegradable sutures.
Earlier, last year TMA Havelian also introduced biodegradable shopping bags in the Tehsil and started a successful massive drive to create awareness amongst the masses about destruction of black shopping bags with the cooperation of traders.
Can biodegradable materials be included with other plastics for recycling.
Global biodegradable packaging materials in food packaging application: Biodegradable packaging materials are used for packaging various food products, including confectionery items, fruits, vegetables, convenience foods, meat, and dairy items.
The restaurant and food world is ready for affordable, compostable and biodegradable products.
The high demand of thermoplastic starch in the biodegradable mulch films market can be attributed to its low cost, renewability, abundance, biodegradability, and availability from agricultural crops.
The current market for biodegradable polymers Is small, but demand is growing at double-digit rates.
PolyFerm has developed the only line of biodegradable thermoelastomers in the industry made entirely from renewable feedstocks.
The report provides data on the following segments of the Global Synthetic and Bio-based Biodegradable Plastics market on the basis of product type, including Bio-based Biodegradable Plastics and Synthetic Biodegradable Plastics and its sub-types.
We have the same problems with biodegradable packaging.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning plans to replace the use of plastic bags with biodegradable ones.
Biodegradable polymers in clinical use and clinical development.