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Synonyms for biodefence

procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using biological agents

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A new book claims that a biodefence lab in Alberta, Canada was a prime target for Russian spies.
delivering on US Government biodefence vaccine contracts, experienced US-based
We entered several government contracts to develop new biodefence products and we expanded our distribution agreements.
Defyrus is a private, life sciences biodefence company that collaborates with domestic and international military R&D partners to develop a range of therapeutics as medical countermeasures for civilians and military personnel.
Bruce Ivins, 62, worked for the US Government biodefence labs on anthrax vaccines.
for the US Government's wide-ranging biodefence and other preparedness
However, the biodefence against neoplastic cells or microbe infection involves several cell lineages, such as natural killer cells (NK cells) and macrophage.
In contrast, interest in the vaccine market has rocketed fuelled by biodefence programmes and the outbreak of avian influenza as well as advances in vaccine production technologies which has lowered the barrier to entry for the smaller players.
The company's pipeline is focused in the three areas; biodefence, cancer and infectious diseases, and includes seven development programmes.
This promotive effect may be of special benefit as the biodefence system of the human organism is not permanently activated but is only sensitized to react mor e effectively when needed, e.
BACK in the US he worked for two years at the army's biodefence establishment in Maryland, where the suspect strain was developed, and was vaccinated against anthrax there.
Installed at US Biodefence Facility of Foremost Medical Research Centre
Emerging disease, biodefence and parasitic disease targets including malaria, Ebola, dengue fever and West Nile virus