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the study of effects of climate on living organisms

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However, these statistical data, sometimes very meticulously collected over two or three decades, have not provided an explanation for the triggering mechanism of the autolytic act, so that bioclimatology remains in the "shadow" of suicidological research.
This includes Geog314: Bioclimatology, which uses data collected from a montane meadow (Fig.
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According to Ali-Toudert and Mayer (2006), the structure (design) of a street is the key factor for studies on urban bioclimatology, which influences the internal and external micro-climates, and changes the thermal sensation of people and the energy consumption of buildings.
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A new approach on the bioclimatology and potential vegetation of the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico).
Bioclimatology and balneology in dermatology: A Dead Sea perspective.