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the study of effects of climate on living organisms

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edu/~schapire/ maxent/) (19) by using the bioclimatic variables, elevation data, and all locations where wounds were contaminated with mold.
There is a tremendous variation in the definition, but the most likely interpretation of sustainable architecture implies perceiving it as a balance between re-discovering of the bioclimatic principles, local building traditions emerging from the context and ingenious innovations that diminish resource use (Drexler, El Khouli 2012).
Phlebotomus sergenti, the most abundant species in this survey is related to the semi-arid bioclimatic belt where the vegetation is characterized by Thuja (Tetraclinis articulata), Junipers (Juniperus spp) and to a lesser degree, to the arid belt, by Argan (Argania spinosa) and common Jujube (Ziziphus lotus) (26).
encourage managers to increase the number of reserves across the landscape; improve interagency and regional coordination; protect larger areas and reserve size; create and manage buffer zones around reserves; and capture landscape and bioclimatic diversity in protected areas.
The building uses geothermic energy and is thus a model of bioclimatic architecture.
The distribution of Dermacentor ticks in Canada in relation to bioclimatic zones.
2012), we first tested for ecological influence by conducting a multi-linear regression using 11 continuous bioclimatic variables from the WorldClim gridded data source (Hijmans et al.
The company launched Cemex Green Building Services to support clients in the execution of LEED- or BREEAM-certified projects with an integrated offer that includes bioclimatic architecture and energy-efficient engineering.
Bioclimatic envelopes, or climate matches, can provide both an estimate of range suitability for the biofuel crop species outside cultivation and the agronomic potential of the biofuel crop in the target region (Barney and DiTomaso 2011).
Use of bioclimatic indexes to characterize phenological phases of apple varieties in Northern Italy.
Architects and civil engineers present 38 peer-reviewed papers on designing with nature, ecological and cultural sensitivity, energy efficiency, bioclimatic design, vertical greenery systems, the ecological impact of materials, building technologies, education and training, and case studies.
Research fields: principles of implementation of the idea of sustainable development in architecture, bioclimatic designing.
Somfy solutions are designed to contribute to Dynamic Insulation[TM] in residential properties and bioclimatic facades in commercial buildings.
That is, we can demonstrate that a completely sustainable building [might] be really inexpensive, and also that a self-sufficient building could be obtained by a not too much additional cost (due to a well-studied bioclimatic design)," the representative said, according to Travelers Today.